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  1. To construct and validate a prediction model based on dual-layer detector spectral CT (DLCT) and clinico-radiologic features to predict the microsatellite instability (MSI) status of gastric cancer (GC) and to...

    Authors: Yongjian Zhu, Peng Wang, Bingzhi Wang, Zhichao Jiang, Ying Li, Jun Jiang, Yuxin Zhong, Liyan Xue and Liming Jiang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:151
  2. Written medical examinations consist of multiple-choice questions and/or free-text answers. The latter require manual evaluation and rating, which is time-consuming and potentially error-prone. We tested wheth...

    Authors: Fabian Stoehr, Benedikt Kämpgen, Lukas Müller, Laura Oleaga Zufiría, Vanesa Junquero, Cristina Merino, Peter Mildenberger and Roman Kloeckner
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:150
  3. The deep learning-based nodule detection (DLD) system improves nodule detection performance of observers on chest radiographs (CXRs). However, its performance in different pulmonary nodule (PN) locations remai...

    Authors: Seulgi You, Ji Hyun Park, Bumhee Park, Han-Bit Shin, Taeyang Ha, Jae Sung Yun, Kyoung Joo Park, Yongjun Jung, You Na Kim, Minji Kim and Joo Sung Sun
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:149
  4. Lung carcinoids and atypical hamartomas may be difficult to differentiate but require different treatment. The aim was to differentiate these tumors using contrast-enhanced CT semantic and radiomics criteria.

    Authors: Paul Habert, Antoine Decoux, Lilia Chermati, Laure Gibault, Pascal Thomas, Arthur Varoquaux, Françoise Le Pimpec-Barthes, Armelle Arnoux, Loïc Juquel, Kathia Chaumoitre, Stéphane Garcia, Jean-Yves Gaubert, Loïc Duron and Laure Fournier
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:148
  5. To explore the pathologic basis and prognostic value of tumor and liver stiffness measured pre-operatively by two-dimensional shear wave elastography (2D-SWE) in hepatitis B virus (HBV)-related hepatocellular ...

    Authors: Xian Zhong, Haiyi Long, Lili Chen, Yuhua Xie, Yifan Shi, Jianyun Peng, Ruiying Zheng, Liya Su, Yu Duan, Xiaoyan Xie and Manxia Lin
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:147
  6. Pulmonary solid pleura-attached nodules (SPANs) are not very commonly detected and thus not well studied and understood. This study aimed to identify the clinical and CT characteristics for differentiating ben...

    Authors: Jin Jiang, Fa-jin Lv, Yang Tao, Bin-jie Fu, Wang-jia Li, Rui-yu Lin and Zhi-gang Chu
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:146
  7. Posthepatectomy liver failure (PHLF) is a severe complication of liver resection. We aimed to develop and validate a model based on extracellular volume (ECV) and liver volumetry derived from computed tomograp...

    Authors: Yangling Peng, Hao Tang, Yuanying Huang, Xiaoqian Yuan, Xing Wang, Zijuan Ran, Wei Deng, Renwei Liu, Xiaosong Lan, Hesong Shen and Jiuquan Zhang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:145
  8. Endometriosis is a frequent pathology mostly affecting women of young age. When typical aspects are present, the diagnosis can easily be made at imaging, especially at MRI. Transformation of benign endometrios...

    Authors: Louise Radzynski, Louis Boyer, Myriam Kossai, Anne Mouraire and Pierre-François Montoriol
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:144
  9. Imaging guidelines could play an important role in the training of radiologists, but the extent of their adoption in residency programs is unclear. With this survey, the European Society of Urogenital Radiolog...

    Authors: Arnaldo Stanzione, Eduardo Alvarez Hornia, Ana Sofia Linhares Moreira, Luca Russo, Pamela Causa Andrieu, Carlos Carnelli, Renato Cuocolo, Giorgio Brembilla and Jeries Paolo Zawaideh
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:143
  10. In recent decades, diverse nomograms have been proposed to predict extraprostatic extension (EPE) in prostate cancer (PCa). We aimed to systematically evaluate the accuracy of MRI-inclusive nomograms and tradi...

    Authors: MeiLin Zhu, JiaHao Gao, Fang Han, LongLin Yin, LuShun Zhang, Yong Yang and JiaWen Zhang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:140
  11. Entropy is a new late gadolinium enhanced (LGE) cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR)–derived parameter that is independent of signal intensity thresholds. Entropy can be used to measure myocardial tissue heterogen...

    Authors: Zi-Yi Gu, Yu-Fan Qian, Bing-Hua Chen, Chong-Wen Wu, Lei Zhao, Song Xue, Lei Zhao, Lian-Ming Wu and Yong-Yi Wang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:138
  12. Preoperative assessment of the histological type of ovarian cancer is essential to determine the appropriate treatment strategy. Tumor location may be helpful in this regard. The purpose of this study was to c...

    Authors: Tsukasa Saida, Kensaku Mori, Toshitaka Ishiguro, Yukihisa Saida, Toyomi Satoh and Takahito Nakajima
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:136
  13. Sound touch elastography (STE) and sound touch quantification (STQ) are novel imaging methods to evaluate tissue stiffness. This study aims to investigate renal stiffness in patients with chronic kidney diseas...

    Authors: Zhengmin Ruan, Zhiying Xiao, Xue Shi, Yu Liang, Liang Hou, Tao Wu and Mei Wu
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:135
  14. The numbers of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations per capita continue to increase in Sweden and in other parts of Europe. The appropriateness of CT and MRI examinations ...

    Authors: Henriettæ Ståhlbrandt, Ida Björnfot, Torsten Cederlund and Anja Almén
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:134
  15. Tumour hypoxia is a negative predictive and prognostic biomarker in colorectal cancer typically assessed by invasive sampling methods, which suffer from many shortcomings. This retrospective proof-of-principle...

    Authors: Zuhir Bodalal, Nino Bogveradze, Leon C. ter Beek, Jose G. van den Berg, Joyce Sanders, Ingrid Hofland, Stefano Trebeschi, Kevin B. W. Groot Lipman, Koen Storck, Eun Kyoung Hong, Natalya Lebedyeva, Monique Maas, Regina G. H. Beets-Tan, Fernando M. Gomez and Ieva Kurilova
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:133
  16. This study provides a quantitative meta-analysis of pancreatic CT perfusion studies, investigating choice of study parameters, ability for quantitative discrimination of pancreatic diseases, and influence of a...

    Authors: Stephan Skornitzke, Neha Vats, Philipp Mayer, Hans-Ulrich Kauczor and Wolfram Stiller
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:132
  17. To investigate the effectiveness of an automatic analysis framework based on 3D-CT multi-scale features in predicting Ki67 expression levels in substantial renal cell carcinoma (RCC).

    Authors: Huancheng Yang, Jiashan Lin, Hanlin Liu, Jiehua Yao, Qianyu Lin, Jiaxin Wang, Feiye Jiang, Liying Wei, Chongyang Lin, Kai Wu and Song Wu
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:130
  18. Accurate preoperative assessment of the efficacy of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) ablation for uterine fibroids is essential for good treatment results. The aim of this study was to develop robust r...

    Authors: Chengwei Li, Zhimin He, Fajin Lv, Yang Liu, Yan Hu, Jian Zhang, Hui Liu, Si Ma and Zhibo Xiao
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:129
  19. The paraspinal region encompasses all tissues around the spine. The regional anatomy is complex and includes the paraspinal muscles, spinal nerves, sympathetic chains, Batson’s venous plexus and a rich arteria...

    Authors: Maud Creze, Jessica Ghaouche, Gilles Missenard, Thierry Lazure, Guillaume Cluzel, Matthieu Devilder, Sylvain Briand, Marc Soubeyrand, Olivier Meyrignac, Robert-Yves Carlier, Charles Court and Charlie Bouthors
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:128
  20. In recent years, with the increasing incidence of endometrial carcinoma in women of child-bearing age, to decision of whether to preserve patients’ fertility during treatment has become increasingly complex, p...

    Authors: Yuanjian Wang, Zhongshao Chen, Chang Liu, Ran Chu, Xiao Li, Mingbao Li, Dexin Yu, Xu Qiao, Beihua Kong and Kun Song
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:127
  21. Axillary lymphadenopathy is a common side effect of COVID-19 vaccination, leading to increased imaging-detected asymptomatic and symptomatic unilateral axillary lymphadenopathy. This has threatened to negative...

    Authors: Simone Schiaffino, Katja Pinker, Andrea Cozzi, Veronica Magni, Alexandra Athanasiou, Pascal A. T. Baltzer, Julia Camps Herrero, Paola Clauser, Eva M. Fallenberg, Gabor Forrai, Michael H. Fuchsjäger, Fiona J. Gilbert, Thomas Helbich, Fleur Kilburn-Toppin, Christiane K. Kuhl, Mihai Lesaru…
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:126
  22. To investigate the value of a radiomics model based on dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) venous-phase iodine map (IM) and 120 kVp equivalent mixed images (MIX) in predicting the Lauren classification of g...

    Authors: Min Li, Hongtao Qin, Xianbo Yu, Junyi Sun, Xiaosheng Xu, Yang You, Chongfei Ma and Li Yang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:125
  23. To evaluate the diagnostic value of whole-body low-dose computed tomography (CT) to detect bone metastasis in prostate cancer (PCa) patients and its possible utility in therapeutic decision-making. Also, to de...

    Authors: Mohammadreza Chavoshi, Seyed Ali Mirshahvalad, Sara Zamani, Amir Reza Radmard, Babak Fallahi and Seyed Asadollah Mousavi
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:124
  24. Contrast-enhancing (CE) lesions are an important finding on brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) but can be missed easily. Automated solutions for reliable CE lesion ...

    Authors: Sarah Schlaeger, Suprosanna Shit, Paul Eichinger, Marco Hamann, Roland Opfer, Julia Krüger, Michael Dieckmeyer, Simon Schön, Mark Mühlau, Claus Zimmer, Jan S. Kirschke, Benedikt Wiestler and Dennis M. Hedderich
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:123
  25. Acute heart failure and cardiogenic shock are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients who have had recent cardiac surgery, myocardial infarct or pulmonary hypertension. The use of percutaneous mec...

    Authors: Abhishek Chaturvedi, Yonatan Rotman, Timothy Hoang, Greg Jew, Aniruddh Mandalapu and Craig Narins
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:122
  26. Endometriosis represents one of the most common causes of life-impacting chronic pelvic pain and female infertility. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) plays an increasing role in the diagnosis and mapping of en...

    Authors: Cristina Maciel, Hélder Ferreira, Dusan Djokovic, Jimmy Kyaw Tun, Jörg Keckstein, Stefania Rizzo and Lucia Manganaro
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:120
  27. Chyluria is an uncommon medical condition resulting from an abnormal communication between the abdominal lymphatic system and the urinary tract, which results in the presence of chyle in the urine, making it a...

    Authors: Alexandre Sabbah, Cedi Koumako, Sanaâ El Mouhadi, Amal Ali, Lise Minssen, Quentin Vanderbecq and Lionel Arrivé
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:119
  28. To develop a noninvasive radiomics-based nomogram for identification of disagreement in pathology between endoscopic biopsy and postoperative specimens in gastric cancer (GC).

    Authors: Yiyang Liu, Shuai Zhao, Zixin Wu, Hejun Liang, Xingzhi Chen, Chencui Huang, Hao Lu, Mengchen Yuan, Xiaonan Xue, Chenglong Luo, Chenchen Liu and Jianbo Gao
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:118
  29. We aimed to present the state of the art of CT- and MRI-based radiomics in the context of ovarian cancer (OC), with a focus on the methodological quality of these studies and the clinical utility of these prop...

    Authors: Meng-Lin Huang, Jing Ren, Zheng-Yu Jin, Xin-Yu Liu, Yong-Lan He, Yuan Li and Hua-Dan Xue
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:117
  30. Low back pain is a prevalent public health issue caused by superior cluneal nerve (SCN) entrapment. This study aimed to explore the course of SCN branches, cross-sectional area (CSA) of the nerves, and effects...

    Authors: Wei-Ting Wu, Kamal Mezian, Ondřej Naňka, Lan-Rong Chen, Vincenzo Ricci, Chih-Peng Lin, Ke-Vin Chang and Levent Özçakar
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:116
  31. Peritoneal malignancies represent a diagnostic challenge for abdominal radiologists, oncologists, surgeons and pathologists in multidisciplinary teams, who must address their differential diagnosis, staging an...

    Authors: Javier Miguez González, Francesc Calaf Forn, Laura Pelegrí Martínez, Pilar Lozano Arranz, Rafael Oliveira Caiafa, Jordi Català Forteza, Lina Maria Palacio Arteaga, Ferrán Losa Gaspà, Isabel Ramos Bernadó, Pedro Barrios Sánchez and Juan Ramón Ayuso Colella
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:115
  32. Four-dimensional flow magnetic resonance imaging is an emerging technique which may play a role in diagnosis and risk-stratification of aortic disease. Some knowledge of flow dynamics and related parameters is...

    Authors: Mitch J. F. G. Ramaekers, Jos J. M. Westenberg, Bouke P. Adriaans, Estelle C. Nijssen, Joachim E. Wildberger, Hildo J. Lamb and Simon Schalla
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:114
  33. To assess the features of panel members involved in the writing of the ACR-AC and identify alignment with research output and topic-specific research publications.

    Authors: Ajay Malhotra, Suryansh Bajaj, Tushar Garg, Mihir Khunte, Bhavya Pahwa, Xiao Wu, Seyedmehdi Payabvash, Suresh Mukherjee, Dheeraj Gandhi and Howard P. Forman
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:113
  34. To evaluate the effectiveness of a self-adapting deep network, trained on large-scale bi-parametric MRI data, in detecting clinically significant prostate cancer (csPCa) in external multi-center data from men ...

    Authors: Ahmet Karagoz, Deniz Alis, Mustafa Ege Seker, Gokberk Zeybel, Mert Yergin, Ilkay Oksuz and Ercan Karaarslan
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:110
  35. Bizarre parosteal osteochondromatous proliferation (BPOP) is a surface-based bone lesion belonging to the group of benign chondrogenic tumors. The aim of this review is to familiarize the readers with imaging ...

    Authors: Salvatore Gitto, Francesca Serpi, Carmelo Messina, Domenico Albano, Andrea Di Bernardo, Elisabetta Armiraglio, Luca Cannavò, Simone Mazzoli, Alessandro Luzzati, Antonina Parafioriti and Luca Maria Sconfienza
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:109
  36. Contact shielding (CS) of patients during X-ray studies has been used for decades to protect radiosensitive organs. This practice has not changed much despite increasing evidence that CS is not useful in many ...

    Authors: Claudio Granata, Erik Briers, Cristian Candela-Juan, John Damilakis, Timo De Bondt, Dario Faj, Shane Foley, Guy Frija, Hugo de las Heras Gala, Peter Hiles, Ruben Pauwels, Marta Sans Merce, Georgios Simantirakis, Eliseo Vano and Patrick Gilligan
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:108
  37. Dynamic chest radiography (DCR) is a real-time sequential high-resolution digital X-ray imaging system of the thorax in motion over the respiratory cycle, utilising pulsed image exposure and a larger field of ...

    Authors: Fred Fyles, Thomas S. FitzMaurice, Ryan E. Robinson, Ram Bedi, Hassan Burhan and Martin J. Walshaw
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:107
  38. To predict the International Neuroblastoma Pathology Classification (INPC) in neuroblastoma using a computed tomography (CT)-based radiomics approach.

    Authors: Haoru Wang, Mingye Xie, Xin Chen, Jin Zhu, Li Zhang, Hao Ding, Zhengxia Pan and Ling He
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:106
  39. To compare the accuracy of pre-surgical prostate size measurements using mpMRI and USWE with imaging-based 3D-printed patient-specific whole-mount moulds facilitated histopathology, and to assess whether size ...

    Authors: Wael Ageeli, Nabi Soha, Xinyu Zhang, Magdalena Szewcyk-Bieda, Jennifer Wilson, Chunhui Li and Ghulam Nabi
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:105
  40. This study aims to develop and validate a virtual biopsy model to predict microsatellite instability (MSI) status in preoperative gastric cancer (GC) patients based on clinical information and the radiomics of...

    Authors: Zinian Jiang, Wentao Xie, Xiaoming Zhou, Wenjun Pan, Sheng Jiang, Xianxiang Zhang, Maoshen Zhang, Zhenqi Zhang, Yun Lu and Dongsheng Wang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:104
  41. Spinal surgical procedures are becoming more common over the years, and imaging studies can be requested in the postoperative setting, such as a baseline study when implants are used, or when there is a new po...

    Authors: Marília Maria Vasconcelos Girão, Lucas Kenzo Miyahara, Viviane Sayuri Yamachira Dwan, Eduardo Baptista, Atul Kumar Taneja, Alberto Gotfryd and Adham do Amaral e Castro
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:103
  42. To generate and extend the evidence on the clinical validity of an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to detect acute pulmonary embolism (PE) on CT pulmonary angiography (CTPA) of patients suspected of PE ...

    Authors: Eline Langius-Wiffen, Pim A. de Jong, Firdaus A. Mohamed Hoesein, Lisette Dekker, Andor F. van den Hoven, Ingrid M. Nijholt, Martijn F. Boomsma and Wouter B. Veldhuis
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:102

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