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  1. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the prognostic impact of body composition parameters based on computed tomography (CT) in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who received ICI treatment.

    Authors: Ji Eun Park, Jaemin Jo, Jeonghwan Youk, Miso Kim, Soon Ho Yoon, Bhumsuk Keam, Tae Min Kim and Dong-Wan Kim
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:182
  2. To investigate the optimal parameters of spectral CT for preferably visualizing the periprosthetic vasculature and metal artifact reduction (MAR) in total hip arthroplasty (THA).

    Authors: Jie Zhao, Qiang Cheng, Chuan Liu, Qiqi Wang, Yuchan Lv, Ziyi Tang, Yuxi Luo and Haitao Yang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:181
  3. Primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) is a rare chronic autoimmune-mediated cholestatic liver disease involving medium and small bile ducts that can lead to liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. To date, the pathogenesis ...

    Authors: Yun Zhang, Tianying Zheng, Zixing Huang and Bin Song
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:180
  4. To re-assess cardiovascular metrics on computed tomography pulmonary angiography (CTPA) in predicting pulmonary hypertension (PH) under the 2022 ESC/ERS guidelines.

    Authors: Anqi Liu, Wenqing Xu, Linfeng Xi, Mei Deng, Haoyu Yang, Qiang Huang, Qian Gao, Peiyao Zhang, Wanmu Xie, Zhenguo Huang and Min Liu
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:179
  5. To construct a simplified grading system based on MRI features to predict positive surgical margin (PSM) after radical prostatectomy (RP).

    Authors: Lili Xu, Gumuyang Zhang, Daming Zhang, Jiahui Zhang, Xiaoxiao Zhang, Xin Bai, Li Chen, Qianyu Peng, Yu Xiao, Hao Wang, Zhengyu Jin and Hao Sun
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:178
  6. High-attenuation pulmonary abnormalities are commonly seen on CT. These findings are increasingly encountered with the growing number of CT examinations and the wide availability of thin-slice images. The abno...

    Authors: Taiki Fukuda, Ryoko Egashira, Midori Ueno, Mikiko Hashisako, Hiromitsu Sumikawa, Junya Tominaga, Daisuke Yamada, Junya Fukuoka, Shigeki Misumi, Hiroya Ojiri, Hiroto Hatabu and Takeshi Johkoh
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:177
  7. This opinion piece reviews major reasons for promoting lung cancer screening in at-risk women who are smokers or ex-smokers, from the age of 50. The epidemiology of lung cancer in European women is extremely w...

    Authors: Marie-Pierre Revel and Guillaume Chassagnon
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:176

    The Correction to this article has been published in Insights into Imaging 2023 14:198

  8. Preoperative stratification is critical for the management of patients with esophageal cancer (EC). To investigate the feasibility and accuracy of PET-CT-based radiomics in preoperative prediction of clinical ...

    Authors: Xiyao Lei, Zhuo Cao, Yibo Wu, Jie Lin, Zhenhua Zhang, Juebin Jin, Yao Ai, Ji Zhang, Dexi Du, Zhifeng Tian, Congying Xie, Weiwei Yin and Xiance Jin
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:174
  9. To predict the tertiary lymphoid structures (TLSs) status and recurrence-free survival (RFS) of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC) patients using preoperative CT radiomics.

    Authors: Ying Xu, Zhuo Li, Yi Yang, Lu Li, Yanzhao Zhou, Jingzhong Ouyang, Zhen Huang, Sicong Wang, Lizhi Xie, Feng Ye, Jinxue Zhou, Jianming Ying, Hong Zhao and Xinming Zhao
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:173
  10. To assess the feasibility of flexion-abduction-external rotation (FABER) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the hip to visualize changes in the ischiofemoral interval and ability to provoke foveal excursion o...

    Authors: Alexander F. Heimann, Jonas Walther, Moritz Tannast, Joseph M. Schwab, Moritz Wagner, Alexander Brunner, Till D. Lerch, Simon D. Steppacher, Peter Vavron, Ehrenfried Schmaranzer and Florian Schmaranzer
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:172
  11. The Myeloma Response Assessment and Diagnosis System (MY-RADS) guidelines establish a standardised acquisition and analysis pipeline for whole-body MRI (WB-MRI) in patients with myeloma. This is the first stud...

    Authors: Sam Keaveney, Alina Dragan, Mihaela Rata, Matthew Blackledge, Erica Scurr, Jessica M. Winfield, Joshua Shur, Dow-Mu Koh, Nuria Porta, Antonio Candito, Alexander King, Winston Rennie, Suchi Gaba, Priya Suresh, Paul Malcolm, Amy Davis…
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:170
  12. This study aimed to extract radiomics features from MRI using machine learning (ML) algorithms and integrate them with clinical features to build response prediction models for patients with spinal metastases ...

    Authors: Yongye Chen, Siyuan Qin, Weili Zhao, Qizheng Wang, Ke Liu, Peijin Xin, Huishu Yuan, Hongqing Zhuang and Ning Lang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:169
  13. Because artificial intelligence (AI)-powered algorithms allow automated image analysis in a growing number of diagnostic scenarios, some healthcare stakeholders have raised doubts about the future of the entir...

    Authors: Minerva Becker
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:168
  14. To develop and validate a multiphase CT-based radiomics model for preoperative risk stratification of patients with localized clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC).

    Authors: Huayun Liu, Zongjie Wei, Yingjie Xv, Hao Tan, Fangtong Liao, Fajin Lv, Qing Jiang, Tao Chen and Mingzhao Xiao
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:167
  15. Peripheral nerves of the lower limb may become entrapped at various points during their anatomical course. While clinical assessment and nerve conduction studies are the mainstay of diagnosis, there are multip...

    Authors: Shanesh Kumar, Mohammad Danish Mangi, Steven Zadow and WanYin Lim
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:166
  16. Subchondral insufficiency fractures (SIFs) and SIFs with osteonecrosis (SIF-ONs) of the knee (previously misnamed spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee (SONK)) are bone lesions that appear without prior trauma...

    Authors: Jacques Malghem, Frédéric Lecouvet, Bruno Vande Berg, Thomas Kirchgesner and Patrick Omoumi
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:164
  17. To evaluate the correlation between synthetic MRI (syMRI) relaxometry and apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps in different breast cancer subtypes and treatment response subgroups.

    Authors: Wenhong Jiang, Siyao Du, Si Gao, Lizhi Xie, Zichuan Xie, Mengfan Wang, Can Peng, Jing Shi and Lina Zhang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:162
  18. To investigate whether utilizing a convolutional neural network (CNN)-based arterial input function (AIF) improves the volumetric estimation of core and penumbra in association with clinical measures in stroke...

    Authors: Sukhdeep Singh Bal, Fan-pei Gloria Yang, Nai-Fang Chi, Jiu Haw Yin, Tao-Jung Wang, Giia Sheun Peng, Ke Chen, Ching-Chi Hsu and Chang-I Chen
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:161
  19. To provide an overview of existing Subspecialty Exams and Diplomas in Radiology and their endorsement as well as to providing an insight into the status of subspecialisation in radiology in Europe. The Europea...

    Authors: Mitja Rupreht, Paolo Ricci, Helmut Prosch and Miraude E. A. P. M. Adriaensen
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:159

    The Correction to this article has been published in Insights into Imaging 2023 14:192

  20. Penile traumatic injuries are rare with potentially severe consequences, with clinical assessment challenging due to pain and swelling. Ultrasound is the primary imaging modality for assessing the penis. It ha...

    Authors: Miguel A. Gómez-Bermejo, Dean Y. Huang, Michele Bertolotto and Paul S. Sidhu
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:158
  21. Prostate segmentation is an essential step in computer-aided detection and diagnosis systems for prostate cancer. Deep learning (DL)-based methods provide good performance for prostate gland and zones segmenta...

    Authors: Jakob Meglič, Mohammed R. S. Sunoqrot, Tone Frost Bathen and Mattijs Elschot
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:157
  22. Non-invasive quantification of the extracellular volume (ECV) is a method for the evaluation of focal and diffuse myocardial fibrosis, potentially obviating the need for invasive endomyocardial biopsy. While E...

    Authors: Giulia Cundari, Nicola Galea, Victor Mergen, Hatem Alkadhi and Matthias Eberhard
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:156
  23. Colon cancer is a particularly prevalent malignancy that produces postoperative complications (POCs). However, limited imaging modality exists on the accurate diagnosis of POCs. The purpose of this study was t...

    Authors: Xiaoying Tan, Xiao Yang, Shudong Hu, Xingbiao Chen and Zongqiong Sun
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:155
  24. Chronic lung allograft dysfunction (CLAD) can take two forms: bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (BOS) or restrictive allograft syndrome (RAS). The aim was to determine if chest-CT abnormalities after lung tran...

    Authors: Paul Habert, Elsa Chetrit, Benjamin Coiffard, Fabienne Bregeon, Pascal Thomas, Anderson Loundou, Julien Bermudez, Martine Reynaud-Gaubert and Jean-Yves Gaubert
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:154
  25. It is critical to early monitor and manage small-for-gestational age (SGA) infants with truly adverse outcomes not detected by conventional methods. We aimed to explore the value of diffusion-weighted imaging ...

    Authors: Jing Deng, Yuwei Cao, Yao Lu, Jiacheng Song, Aining Zhang, Meng Zhao, Xin Zhou, Xihu Mu, Feifei Qu, Feiyun Wu and Ting Chen
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:153
  26. Health systems worldwide are implementing lung cancer screening programmes to identify early-stage lung cancer and maximise patient survival. Volumetry is recommended for follow-up of pulmonary nodules and out...

    Authors: Erique Guedes Pinto, Diana Penha, Sofia Ravara, Colin Monaghan, Bruno Hochhegger, Edson Marchiori, Luís Taborda-Barata and Klaus Irion
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:152
  27. To construct and validate a prediction model based on dual-layer detector spectral CT (DLCT) and clinico-radiologic features to predict the microsatellite instability (MSI) status of gastric cancer (GC) and to...

    Authors: Yongjian Zhu, Peng Wang, Bingzhi Wang, Zhichao Jiang, Ying Li, Jun Jiang, Yuxin Zhong, Liyan Xue and Liming Jiang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:151
  28. Written medical examinations consist of multiple-choice questions and/or free-text answers. The latter require manual evaluation and rating, which is time-consuming and potentially error-prone. We tested wheth...

    Authors: Fabian Stoehr, Benedikt Kämpgen, Lukas Müller, Laura Oleaga Zufiría, Vanesa Junquero, Cristina Merino, Peter Mildenberger and Roman Kloeckner
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:150
  29. The deep learning-based nodule detection (DLD) system improves nodule detection performance of observers on chest radiographs (CXRs). However, its performance in different pulmonary nodule (PN) locations remai...

    Authors: Seulgi You, Ji Hyun Park, Bumhee Park, Han-Bit Shin, Taeyang Ha, Jae Sung Yun, Kyoung Joo Park, Yongjun Jung, You Na Kim, Minji Kim and Joo Sung Sun
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:149
  30. Lung carcinoids and atypical hamartomas may be difficult to differentiate but require different treatment. The aim was to differentiate these tumors using contrast-enhanced CT semantic and radiomics criteria.

    Authors: Paul Habert, Antoine Decoux, Lilia Chermati, Laure Gibault, Pascal Thomas, Arthur Varoquaux, Françoise Le Pimpec-Barthes, Armelle Arnoux, Loïc Juquel, Kathia Chaumoitre, Stéphane Garcia, Jean-Yves Gaubert, Loïc Duron and Laure Fournier
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:148
  31. To explore the pathologic basis and prognostic value of tumor and liver stiffness measured pre-operatively by two-dimensional shear wave elastography (2D-SWE) in hepatitis B virus (HBV)-related hepatocellular ...

    Authors: Xian Zhong, Haiyi Long, Lili Chen, Yuhua Xie, Yifan Shi, Jianyun Peng, Ruiying Zheng, Liya Su, Yu Duan, Xiaoyan Xie and Manxia Lin
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:147
  32. Pulmonary solid pleura-attached nodules (SPANs) are not very commonly detected and thus not well studied and understood. This study aimed to identify the clinical and CT characteristics for differentiating ben...

    Authors: Jin Jiang, Fa-jin Lv, Yang Tao, Bin-jie Fu, Wang-jia Li, Rui-yu Lin and Zhi-gang Chu
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:146
  33. Posthepatectomy liver failure (PHLF) is a severe complication of liver resection. We aimed to develop and validate a model based on extracellular volume (ECV) and liver volumetry derived from computed tomograp...

    Authors: Yangling Peng, Hao Tang, Yuanying Huang, Xiaoqian Yuan, Xing Wang, Zijuan Ran, Wei Deng, Renwei Liu, Xiaosong Lan, Hesong Shen and Jiuquan Zhang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:145
  34. Endometriosis is a frequent pathology mostly affecting women of young age. When typical aspects are present, the diagnosis can easily be made at imaging, especially at MRI. Transformation of benign endometrios...

    Authors: Louise Radzynski, Louis Boyer, Myriam Kossai, Anne Mouraire and Pierre-François Montoriol
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:144
  35. Imaging guidelines could play an important role in the training of radiologists, but the extent of their adoption in residency programs is unclear. With this survey, the European Society of Urogenital Radiolog...

    Authors: Arnaldo Stanzione, Eduardo Alvarez Hornia, Ana Sofia Linhares Moreira, Luca Russo, Pamela Causa Andrieu, Carlos Carnelli, Renato Cuocolo, Giorgio Brembilla and Jeries Paolo Zawaideh
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:143
  36. In recent decades, diverse nomograms have been proposed to predict extraprostatic extension (EPE) in prostate cancer (PCa). We aimed to systematically evaluate the accuracy of MRI-inclusive nomograms and tradi...

    Authors: MeiLin Zhu, JiaHao Gao, Fang Han, LongLin Yin, LuShun Zhang, Yong Yang and JiaWen Zhang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:140
  37. Entropy is a new late gadolinium enhanced (LGE) cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR)–derived parameter that is independent of signal intensity thresholds. Entropy can be used to measure myocardial tissue heterogen...

    Authors: Zi-Yi Gu, Yu-Fan Qian, Bing-Hua Chen, Chong-Wen Wu, Lei Zhao, Song Xue, Lei Zhao, Lian-Ming Wu and Yong-Yi Wang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:138
  38. Preoperative assessment of the histological type of ovarian cancer is essential to determine the appropriate treatment strategy. Tumor location may be helpful in this regard. The purpose of this study was to c...

    Authors: Tsukasa Saida, Kensaku Mori, Toshitaka Ishiguro, Yukihisa Saida, Toyomi Satoh and Takahito Nakajima
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:136
  39. Sound touch elastography (STE) and sound touch quantification (STQ) are novel imaging methods to evaluate tissue stiffness. This study aims to investigate renal stiffness in patients with chronic kidney diseas...

    Authors: Zhengmin Ruan, Zhiying Xiao, Xue Shi, Yu Liang, Liang Hou, Tao Wu and Mei Wu
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:135
  40. The numbers of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations per capita continue to increase in Sweden and in other parts of Europe. The appropriateness of CT and MRI examinations ...

    Authors: Henriettæ Ståhlbrandt, Ida Björnfot, Torsten Cederlund and Anja Almén
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:134
  41. This study provides a quantitative meta-analysis of pancreatic CT perfusion studies, investigating choice of study parameters, ability for quantitative discrimination of pancreatic diseases, and influence of a...

    Authors: Stephan Skornitzke, Neha Vats, Philipp Mayer, Hans-Ulrich Kauczor and Wolfram Stiller
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2023 14:132

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