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  1. Detection of pulmonary nodules in MRI requires fast imaging strategies without respiratory motion impairment, such as single-breath-hold Cartesian VIBE. As patients with pulmonary diseases have limited breath-...

    Authors: Susann-Cathrin Olthof, Christian Reinert, Konstantin Nikolaou, Christina Pfannenberg, Sergios Gatidis, Thomas Benkert, Thomas Küstner and Patrick Krumm
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:175
  2. The peritoneal cavity is the second commonest site of mesothelioma after the pleural cavity. There are five histological types of peritoneal mesothelioma with variable symptomatology, clinical presentation and...

    Authors: Anuradha Chandramohan, Nehal Shah, Andrew Thrower, Norman John Carr, Rohin Mittal, Faheez Mohamed and Brendan Moran
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:174
  3. The imaging features of focal liver lesions (FLLs) are diverse and complex. Diagnosing FLLs with imaging alone remains challenging. We developed and validated an interpretable deep learning model for the class...

    Authors: Shu-Hui Wang, Xin-Jun Han, Jing Du, Zhen-Chang Wang, Chunwang Yuan, Yinan Chen, Yajing Zhu, Xin Dou, Xiao-Wei Xu, Hui Xu and Zheng-Han Yang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:173
  4. To quantify metal artifact reduction using 130 keV virtual monochromatic imaging (VMI) with and without orthopedic metal artifact reduction (O-MAR) in total hip arthroplasty.

    Authors: Mark Selles, Vera H. Stuivenberg, Ruud H. H. Wellenberg, Loes van de Riet, Ingrid M. Nijholt, Jochen A. C. van Osch, Robbert W. van Hamersvelt, Tim Leiner and Martijn F. Boomsma
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:171
  5. To investigate the predictive performance of machine learning-based CT radiomics for differentiating between low- and high-nuclear grade of clear cell renal cell carcinomas (CCRCCs).

    Authors: Yingjie Xv, Fajin Lv, Haoming Guo, Xiang Zhou, Hao Tan, Mingzhao Xiao and Yineng Zheng
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:170
  6. Pneumonic-type lung adenocarcinoma (PLADC) with different ranges might exhibit different imaging and clinicopathological features. This study divided PLADC into localized PLADC (L-PLADC) and diffuse PLADC (D-P...

    Authors: Ji-wen Huo, Xing-tao Huang, Xian Li, Jun-wei Gong, Tian-you Luo and Qi Li
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:169
  7. Cytoreductive surgery in combination with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy has revolutionized the survival and the quality of life in selected patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis. Preoperative CT ...

    Authors: Panagiota Berta Panagiotopoulou, Nikos Courcoutsakis, Apostolos Tentes and Panos Prassopoulos
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:168
  8. Mucormycosis (MCR) is a fulminant, potentially lethal, opportunistic fungal infection. Diabetes, immunocompromised states and elevated serum iron levels are the most important risk factors for contracting MCR ...

    Authors: Vivek Pai, Rima Sansi, Ritesh Kharche, Sridevi Chaitanya Bandili and Bhujang Pai
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:167
  9. The least amount of contrast medium (CM) should be used under the premise of adequate diagnosis. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of utilizing ultra-low-dose (224 mgI/kg) CM for pancrea...

    Authors: Juan Li, Yu-hong Wang, Fu-ling Zheng, Xin-yue Chen, Yun Lin, Cai-rong Zhu, Yi-fan Wu, Qiang Xu, Zheng-yu Jin and Hua-dan Xue
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:166
  10. The diagnostic imaging field is experiencing considerable growth, followed by increasing production of massive amounts of data. The lack of standardization and privacy concerns are considered the main barriers...

    Authors: Marco Aiello, Giuseppina Esposito, Giulio Pagliari, Pasquale Borrelli, Valentina Brancato and Marco Salvatore
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:164
  11. Measuring muscle mass and muscle quality based on chest Computed Tomography (CT) images would facilitate sarcopenia and myosteatosis research. We aimed (1) to measure muscle mass and myosteatosis based on ches...

    Authors: Lingling Tan, Guiyi Ji, Ting Bao, Hongbo Fu, Ling Yang and Ming Yang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:163
  12. Despite the prevalence of chest CT in the clinic, concerns about unoptimized protocols delivering high radiation doses to patients still remain. This study aimed to assess the additional radiation dose associa...

    Authors: Yazdan Salimi, Isaac Shiri, Azadeh Akhavanallaf, Zahra Mansouri, Abdollah Saberi Manesh, Amirhossein Sanaat, Masoumeh Pakbin, Dariush Askari, Saleh Sandoughdaran, Ehsan Sharifipour, Hossein Arabi and Habib Zaidi
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:162
  13. We investigated the radiodensity of epicardial (EAT), subcutaneous (SAT), and visceral adipose tissue (VAT) before and after treatment with anthracyclines in a population of breast cancer (BC) patients, and in...

    Authors: Caterina Beatrice Monti, Simone Schiaffino, Maria Del Mar Galimberti Ortiz, Davide Capra, Moreno Zanardo, Elena De Benedictis, Alberto Gianluigi Luporini, Pietro Spagnolo, Francesco Secchi and Francesco Sardanelli
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:161
  14. To investigate diagnostic errors and their association with adverse outcomes (AOs) during patient revisits with repeat imaging (RVRIs) in the emergency department (ED).

    Authors: Yura Ahn, Gil-Sun Hong, Kye Jin Park, Choong Wook Lee, Ju Hee Lee and Seon-Ok Kim
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:160
  15. This cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) study investigates the impact of trabeculae and papillary muscles (TPM) on diastolic function parameters by differentiation of the time-volume curve. Differentiatio...

    Authors: Bjoern P. Schoennagel, Kai Müllerleile, Enver Tahir, Jitka Starekova, Regine Grosse, Jin Yamamura, Peter Bannas, Gerhard Adam and Roland Fischer
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:159
  16. Cardiothoracic ratio (CTR) in chest radiographs is still widely used to estimate cardiac size despite the advent of newer imaging techniques. We hypothesise that a universal CTR cut-off value of 50% is a poor ...

    Authors: Paulius Simkus, Manuel Gutierrez Gimeno, Audra Banisauskaite, Jurate Noreikaite, David McCreavy, Diana Penha and Monika Arzanauskaite
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:158
  17. Despite that machine learning (ML)-based MRI has been evaluated for diagnosis of axillary lymph node metastasis (ALNM) in breast cancer patients, diagnostic values they showed have been variable. In this study...

    Authors: Chen Chen, Yuhui Qin, Haotian Chen, Dongyong Zhu, Fabao Gao and Xiaoyue Zhou
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:156
  18. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has posed a major public health crisis all over the world. The role of chest imaging, especially computed tomography (CT), has evolved during the pandemic paralleli...

    Authors: Shohei Inui, Wataru Gonoi, Ryo Kurokawa, Yudai Nakai, Yusuke Watanabe, Keita Sakurai, Masanori Ishida, Akira Fujikawa and Osamu Abe
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:155
  19. Congenital lung diseases in adults are rare diseases that can present with symptoms or be detected incidentally. Familiarity with the imaging features of different types of congenital lung diseases helps both ...

    Authors: Gamze Durhan, Selin Ardali Duzgun, Meltem Gülsün Akpınar, Figen Demirkazık and Orhan Macit Arıyürek
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:153
  20. This article is a comprehensive review of the basic background, technique, and clinical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and radiomics in the field of neuro-oncology. A variety of AI and radiomics ...

    Authors: Ahmed Abdel Khalek Abdel Razek, Ahmed Alksas, Mohamed Shehata, Amr AbdelKhalek, Khaled Abdel Baky, Ayman El-Baz and Eman Helmy
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:152
  21. To evaluate the 3D Fast Gray Acquisition T1 Inversion Recovery (FGATIR) sequence for MRI identification of brainstem tracts and nuclei damage in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients.

    Authors: Thien Huong Nguyen, Alexis Vaussy, Violette Le Gaudu, Jennifer Aboab, Sophie Espinoza, Irina Curajos, Emmanuel Heron and Christophe Habas
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:151
  22. To investigate a previously developed radiomics-based biparametric magnetic resonance imaging (bpMRI) approach for discrimination of clinically significant peripheral zone prostate cancer (PZ csPCa) using mult...

    Authors: Jeroen Bleker, Derya Yakar, Bram van Noort, Dennis Rouw, Igle Jan de Jong, Rudi A. J. O. Dierckx, Thomas C. Kwee and Henkjan Huisman
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:150
  23. Currently, mammography and ultrasonography are the most used imaging techniques for breast cancer screening. However, these examinations report many indeterminate studies with a low probability of being malign...

    Authors: Liliana Hernández, Gloria M. Díaz, Catalina Posada and Alejandro Llano-Sierra
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:149
  24. Increasing numbers of patients and carers rely on online resources for healthcare information. Radiation safety can be misunderstood by patients and clinicians and lead to patient anxiety. We aimed to assess t...

    Authors: Francis T. Delaney, Tiarnán Ó. Doinn, James M. Broderick and Emma Stanley
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:148
  25. To assess the similarity and differences of radiomics features on full field digital mammography (FFDM) in FOR PROCESSING and FOR PRESENTATION data.

    Authors: Mario Sansone, Roberta Grassi, Maria Paola Belfiore, Gianluca Gatta, Francesca Grassi, Fabio Pinto, Giorgia Viola La Casella, Roberta Fusco, Salvatore Cappabianca, Vincenza Granata and Roberto Grassi
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:147
  26. To explore whether multiparametric approach including blood oxygenation level-dependent MRI (BOLD-MRI) and intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted imaging (IVIM-DWI) can be applied in the assessment of...

    Authors: Ping Liang, Yaxian Chen, ShiChao Li, Chuou Xu, Guanjie Yuan, Daoyu Hu, Ihab Kamel, Yu Zhang and Zhen Li
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:146
  27. The factors affecting intra-operator variability of two-dimensional shear wave elastography (2D-SWE) have not been clearly established. We evaluated 2D-SWE variability according to the number of measurements, ...

    Authors: Marco Dioguardi Burgio, Jules Grégory, Maxime Ronot, Riccardo Sartoris, Gilles Chatellier and Valérie Vilgrain
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:145
  28. Heterotopic pancreas (HP) is an uncommon congenital abnormality in the developmental process of the pancreas, with gastrointestinal heterotopic pancreas (GHP) being the most common HP. The clinical manifestati...

    Authors: Cai-Wei Yang, Feng Che, Xi-Jiao Liu, Yuan Yin, Bo Zhang and Bin Song
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:144
  29. Paradigm shift toward nonoperative management (NOM) of adult appendicitis has made computed tomography (CT) more important than ever, particularly in differentiating complicated from uncomplicated disease. Com...

    Authors: Jidapa Iamwat, Wanwarang Teerasamit, Piyaporn Apisarnthanarak, Napakadol Noppakunsomboon and Rathachai Kaewlai
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:143
  30. The purpose of our study was to analyze the clinical and imaging features of uterine carcinosarcoma (UCS) and cervical carcinosarcoma (CCS), and to explore the diagnostic and staging accuracy of computed tomog...

    Authors: Liming Li, Wenpeng Huang, Kangkang Xue, Leiyu Feng, Yijing Han, Rui Wang and Jianbo Gao
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:142
  31. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), it proved necessary to rapidly change medical education from on-site to online teaching. Thus, medical educators were forced to rethink the purpo...

    Authors: Fabian Stoehr, Lukas Müller, Adrian P. Brady, Carlo Catalano, Peter Mildenberger, Aline Mähringer-Kunz, Felix Hahn, Christoph Düber, Erkan Celik, Elisabeth Diehl, Pavel Dietz, Daniel Pinto dos Santos and Roman Kloeckner
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:141
  32. The elbow is a complex joint whose biomechanical function is granted by the interplay and synergy of various anatomical structures. Articular stability is achieved by both static and dynamic constraints, which...

    Authors: Andrea Zagarella, Giulia Signorelli, Giulia Muscogiuri, Roberta Colombo, Gianluca Folco, Paolo Arrigoni, Mattia Radici, Pietro Simone Randelli and Mauro Battista Gallazzi
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:140

    The Correction to this article has been published in Insights into Imaging 2022 13:42

  33. The recently implemented European Council Basic Safety Standards Directive (BSSD), 2013/59/Euratom lays down core radiation protection standards for European radiology departments, including a mandatory requir...

    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:139
  34. Spectral CT adds a new dimension to radiological evaluation, beyond assessment of anatomical abnormalities. Spectral data allows for detection of specific materials, improves image quality while at the same ti...

    Authors: Sharon Z. Adam, Aviad Rabinowich, Rivka Kessner and Arye Blachar
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:138
  35. Percutaneous catheter drainage (PCD) is usually performed to treat acute pancreatitis complicated by infected walled-off necrosis (WON). Insufficient drainage of infected WON may lead to a prolonged recovery p...

    Authors: Hui Zhang, Xu-dong Wen, Xiao Ma, Yong-qiang Zhu, Zhi-wei Jiang, Shang-qing Huang, Tao Wang and Wei-hui Liu
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:137
  36. Delivering consistent levels of training in cardiac imaging to radiologist is of pivotal importance because of the increasing clinical indications to coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) and cardiac...

    Authors: Marco Gatti, Carlo Liguori, Giuseppe Muscogiuri, Riccardo Faletti, Serena Dell’Aversana, Patrizia Toia, Gianluca De Rubeis, Paolo Di Renzi, Vincenzo Russo, Gesualdo Polizzi, Nicola Galea, Antonio Esposito and Marco Francone
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:136
  37. The efficacy of computed tomography-based multiple body composition parameters in assessing disease behavior and prognosis has not been comprehensively evaluated in Crohn’s disease. This study aimed to assess ...

    Authors: Ziling Zhou, Ziman Xiong, Qingguo Xie, Peng Xiao, Qingpeng Zhang, Jian Gu, Jing Li, Daoyu Hu, Xuemei Hu, Yaqi Shen and Zhen Li
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:135
  38. The purpose of this review is to describe the anatomy and lesions affecting the peripheral portion of posterior horn of medial menisci (ramp lesions), along with illustrations and MRI cases. We will correlate ...

    Authors: Atul K. Taneja, Frederico C. Miranda, Laercio A. Rosemberg and Durval C. B. Santos
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:134
  39. Limited evidence is available on the clinical impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology. Early health technology assessment (HTA) is a methodology to assess the potential value of an innovation at an...

    Authors: Kicky G. van Leeuwen, Frederick J. A. Meijer, Steven Schalekamp, Matthieu J. C. M. Rutten, Ewoud J. van Dijk, Bram van Ginneken, Tim M. Govers and Maarten de Rooij
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:133
  40. Intra-articular bleeds in patients with inherited bleeding disorders lead to active synovitis which may progress to a chronic state over time. We explored the diagnostic value of color Doppler ultrasound in de...

    Authors: Ningning Zhang, Sheng Yang, Anne-Fleur Zwagemaker, Aihua Huo, Ying-Jia Li, Fang Zhou, Pamela Hilliard, Sandra Squire, Vanessa Bouskill, Arun Mohanta, Alex Zhou, Jose Jarrin, Runhui Wu, Jing Sun, Brian Luke, Rahim Moineddin…
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:132
  41. The aim of the Female Pelvic Imaging Working Group of the European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR) was to develop imaging staging guidelines for vulvar cancer and to propose standardised MRI protocols a...

    Authors: Olivera Nikolić, Filipa Alves e Sousa, Teresa Margarida Cunha, Marijana Basta Nikolić, M. Milagros Otero-García, Benedetta Gui, Stephanie Nougaret and Henrik Leonhardt
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:131
  42. Active surveillance (AS) of small, low-risk papillary thyroid cancers (PTCs) is increasingly studied in prospective observational studies. Ultrasound is the primary imaging modality for case selection. While r...

    Authors: Sangeet Ghai, Ciara O’Brien, David P. Goldstein and Anna M. Sawka
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:130
  43. Access to imaging diagnostics has been shown to result in accurate treatment, management, and optimal outcomes. Particularly in low-income and low-middle-income countries (LICs, LMICs), access is limited due t...

    Authors: Kristen DeStigter, Kara-Lee Pool, Abimbola Leslie, Sarwat Hussain, Bien Soo Tan, Lluis Donoso-Bach and Savvas Andronikou
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:129
  44. Quantitative ultrasound (QUS) aims at quantifying interactions between ultrasound and biological tissues. QUS techniques extract fundamental physical properties of tissues based on interactions between ultraso...

    Authors: Guy Cloutier, François Destrempes, François Yu and An Tang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:127
  45. There is wide variation between Countries in the structures of residency programmes, need for subspecialisation, and health care system organisation. This survey was aimed at gathering information regarding cu...

    Authors: Domenico Albano, Danoob Dalili, Florian A. Huber, Ziga Snoj, Ana Vieira and Carmelo Messina
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2021 12:126

    The Opinion to this article has been published in Insights into Imaging 2022 13:15

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