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  1. We propose a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) guided approach to differential diagnosis of ovarian tumours based on morphological appearance.

    Authors: Pietro Valerio Foti, Giancarlo Attinà, Saveria Spadola, Rosario Caltabiano, Renato Farina, Stefano Palmucci, Giuseppe Zarbo, Rosario Zarbo, Maria D’Arrigo, Pietro Milone and Giovanni Carlo Ettorre
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 7:455
  2. The branchial arches are the embryological precursors of the face, neck and pharynx. Anomalies of the branchial arches are the second most common congenital lesions of the head and neck in children, with secon...

    Authors: Ashok Adams, Kshitij Mankad, Curtis Offiah and Lucy Childs
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 7:454
  3. In the last decade, cardiac computed tomography (CT) has gained mainstream acceptance for the noninvasive exclusion of significant coronary disease in a selected population. Improvements in electrocardiogram (...

    Authors: Simon Nicolay, Rodrigo A. Salgado, Bharati Shivalkar, Paul L. Van Herck, Christiaan Vrints and Paul M. Parizel
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 7:452
  4. The objectives of this review are (1) to become acquainted with the long-term complications of surgery of the gastrointestinal tract, and (2) to appreciate the appropriate use of imaging in the assessment of l...

    Authors: Daniel Ramos-Andrade, Luísa Andrade, Catarina Ruivo, Maria Antónia Portilha, Filipe Caseiro-Alves and Luís Curvo-Semedo
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 7:451
  5. Thyroid nodules are a common occurrence in the general population, and these incidental thyroid nodules are often referred for ultrasound (US) evaluation. US provides a safe and fast method of examination. It ...

    Authors: Cheng Xie, Peter Cox, Nia Taylor and Sarah LaPorte
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 7:446
  6. Pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis (PPFE) is a rare idiopathic interstitial pneumonia (IIP) with variable clinical and radiological features. Diagnosis is based on histology obtained by surgical lung biopsy, whi...

    Authors: Cátia Esteves, Francisco R. Costa, Margarida T. Redondo, Conceição S. Moura, Susana Guimarães, António Morais and José M. Pereira
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 7:448
  7. Cytotoxic chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and molecular targeted therapy are the three major classes of drugs used to treat breast cancer. Imaging modalities such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance...

    Authors: Aya Y. Michaels, Abhishek R. Keraliya, Sree Harsha Tirumani, Atul B. Shinagare and Nikhil H. Ramaiya
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 7:447
  8. The objectives are to investigate radiology practitioners’ and radiographers’ radiation dose awareness and use of referral guidelines for paediatric imaging examinations.

    Authors: Jonathan L. Portelli, Jonathan P. McNulty, Paul Bezzina and Louise Rainford
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 7:449
  9. Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) is considered a primary tool for the diagnosis of acute myocarditis, due to its unique potential for non-invasive identification of the various hallmarks of the inflammatory re...

    Authors: Antonio Esposito, Marco Francone, Riccardo Faletti, Maurizio Centonze, Filippo Cademartiri, Iacopo Carbone, Roberto De Rosa, Ernesto Di Cesare, Ludovico La Grutta, Guido Ligabue, Luigi Lovato, Erica Maffei, Riccardo Marano, Massimo Midiri, Gianluca Pontone, Luigi Natale…
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 7:444
  10. Although the orbit is a small anatomical space, the wide range of structures present within it are often the site of origin of various tumours and tumour-like conditions, both in adults and children. Cross-sec...

    Authors: Bela S. Purohit, Maria Isabel Vargas, Angeliki Ailianou, Laura Merlini, Pierre-Alexandre Poletti, Alexandra Platon, Bénédicte M. Delattre, Olivier Rager, Karim Burkhardt and Minerva Becker
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 7:443
  11. We aim to illustrate the multimodal imaging spectrum of hepatic involvement in tuberculosis (TB). Whilst disseminated tuberculosis on imaging typically manifests as multiple small nodular lesions scattered in ...

    Authors: Chandan Kakkar, Ashwin M. Polnaya, Prakashini Koteshwara, S. Smiti, K. V. Rajagopal and Ankur Arora
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:440
  12. This pictorial review aims to provide the radiologist with simple and systematic guidelines for the radiographic evaluation of a hip prosthesis. Currently, there is a plethora of commercially available arthrop...

    Authors: Jan Vanrusselt, Milan Vansevenant, Geert Vanderschueren and Filip Vanhoenacker
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:438
  13. Malignant mesothelioma is doubtless the more known pleural tumour. However, according to the morphology code of the International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICD-O), there are several histological...

    Authors: Luca De Paoli, Emilio Quaia, Gabriele Poillucci, Antonio Gennari and Maria Assunta Cova
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:441
  14. The imaging manifestations of hepatic lymphoma, both in its primary and secondary form, are extremely variable and overlap with a number of other more common hepatic diseases. However, in the appropriate clini...

    Authors: S. Rajesh, Kalpana Bansal, Binit Sureka, Yashwant Patidar, Chhagan Bihari and Ankur Arora
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:437
  15. Awareness of cancer therapy-induced toxicities is important for all clinicians treating patients with cancer. Cancer therapy has evolved to include classic cytotoxic agents in addition to newer options such as...

    Authors: Danny Ngo, Jemianne Bautista Jia, Christopher S. Green, Anjalie T. Gulati and Chandana Lall
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:436
  16. Lumbar spine surgery for spinal stenosis is a frequently performed procedure and was the fastest growing type of surgery in the US from 1980 to 2000. With increasing surgical invasiveness, postoperative compli...

    Authors: Ajay Malhotra, Vivek B. Kalra, Xiao Wu, Ryan Grant, Richard A. Bronen and Khalid M. Abbed
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:435
  17. The effects of the economic crisis have led to complex problems in radiology. The crisis has led to a reduction in the turnover of imaging equipment. This reflects on the quantity and quality of output, an asp...

    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:434
  18. Social media, which can be defined as dynamic and interactive online communication forums, are becoming increasingly popular, not only for the general public but also for radiologists. In addition to assisting...

    Authors: Erik R. Ranschaert, P. M. A. van Ooijen, Simon Lee, Osman Ratib and P. M. Parizel
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:430
  19. Giant colonic diverticulum (GCD), defined as a diverticulum larger than 4 cm, is a rare entity that is generally a manifestation of colonic diverticular disease. Because of its rarity and its variable and non-...

    Authors: Abdel-Rauf Zeina, Ahmad Mahamid, Alicia Nachtigal, Itamar Ashkenazi and Mika Shapira-Rootman
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:433
  20. Haemangiomas of the vertebrae, usually regarded as having little or no consequence, may display aggressive features, including extension into the extradural space, and cause significant neurological symptoms a...

    Authors: S. H. McEvoy, M. Farrell, F. Brett and S. Looby
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 7:432
  21. The purpose of this pictorial review is to present a wide spectrum of prostate multiparametric MRI (mp-MRI) pitfalls that may occur in clinical practice, with radiological and pathological correlation.

    Authors: V. Panebianco, F. Barchetti, J. Barentsz, A. Ciardi, F. Cornud, J. Futterer and G. Villeirs
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:426
  22. Despite advancement in the diagnosis and treatment of intestinal helminthiasis, ascariasis remains the most common cause of helminthic infections in the developing countries. Ultrasound offers a rapid, safe, a...

    Authors: Donboklang Lynser, Akash Handique, Chhunthang Daniala, Pranjal Phukan and Evarisalin Marbaniang
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:428
  23. Acute chest pain (ACP) is one of the most common presenting symptoms at the emergency department. The differential diagnosis is vast. To exclude life-threatening causes, radiologists encounter an increasing am...

    Authors: Sebastiaan Hammer, Lucia J. Kroft, Alberto L. Hidalgo, Ruben Leta and Albert de Roos
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:429
  24. The purpose of this article is to describe the various portosystemic collateral pathways pertinent to portal hypertension on multi-detector row computed tomography (MDCT) and their clinical relevance, with spe...

    Authors: Ankur Arora, S. Rajesh, Yamini S. Meenakshi, Binit Sureka, Kalpana Bansal and Shiv Kumar Sarin
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:419
  25. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive review of the imaging features of extracutaneous melanomas.

    Authors: Abhishek R. Keraliya, Katherine M. Krajewski, Marta Braschi-Amirfarzan, Sree Harsha Tirumani, Atul B. Shinagare, Jyothi P. Jagannathan and Nikhil H. Ramaiya
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:427
  26. In patients with acute bacterial rhinosinusitis severe orbital and intracranial complications can occur. This review will illustrate the anatomic relationship between the paranasal sinuses and the orbital and ...

    Authors: J. W. Dankbaar, A. J. M. van Bemmel and F. A. Pameijer
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:424
  27. Gadolinium based contrast agents (GBCA) have been linked to the occurrence of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) in renal impaired patients. The exact interaction between the various different available formu...

    Authors: Aurang Z. Khawaja, Deirdre B. Cassidy, Julien Al Shakarchi, Damian G. McGrogan, Nicholas G. Inston and Robert G. Jones
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:420
  28. Kawasaki disease (KD) is a paediatric vasculitis with coronary artery aneurysms (CAA) as its main complication. Two guidelines exist regarding the follow-up of patients after KD, by the American Heart Associat...

    Authors: S. M. Dietz, C. E. Tacke, I. M. Kuipers, A. Wiegman, R. J. de Winter, J. C. Burns, J. B. Gordon, M. Groenink and T. W. Kuijpers
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:422
  29. Dementia is defined as chronic deterioration of intellectual function and cognitive skills significant enough to interfere with the ability to perform daily activities. Recent advances in the treatment of deme...

    Authors: Satya Narayana Patro, Rafael Glikstein, Prasad Hanagandi and Santanu Chakraborty
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:421
  30. Nephrotoxicity is a common adverse effect of many chemotherapeutic agents. The agents most commonly associated with chemotherapy-associated nephrotoxicity are methotrexate, semustine, streptozocin, mithramycin...

    Authors: Jemianne Bautista Jia, Chandana Lall, Temel Tirkes, Rajesh Gulati, Ramit Lamba and Scott C. Goodwin
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:417
  31. We aimed to demonstrate imaging features of Paget’s disease of breast, which is an extremely uncommon malignancy that presents with changes in the nipple-areolar region that may or may not be associated with a...

    Authors: Smiti Sripathi, Anurag Ayachit, Rajagopal Kadavigere, Sandeep Kumar, Asha Eleti and Aron Sraj
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:415
  32. Laparoscopic nephron-sparing surgery (L-NSS) is increasingly performed to treat localised renal lesions. However, the associated morbidity is non-negligible, with a rate of major complications approaching 10 %.

    Authors: Massimo Tonolini, Anna Maria Ierardi, Virginia Varca, Giacomo Piero Incarbone, Marina Petullà and Roberto Bianco
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:413
  33. In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the influence of body composition on oncological patient outcomes. Visceral obesity, sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity have been identified as adverse fac...

    Authors: Connie Yip, Charlotte Dinkel, Abhishek Mahajan, Musib Siddique, Gary J. R. Cook and Vicky Goh
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:414
  34. MP-MRI is a critical component in active surveillance (AS) of prostate cancer (PCa) because of a high negative predictive value for clinically significant tumours. This review illustrates pitfalls of MP-MRI an...

    Authors: Jeffrey S. Quon, Bardia Moosavi, Maneesh Khanna, Trevor A. Flood, Christopher S. Lim and Nicola Schieda
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:411
  35. In March 2014 the European Society of Radiology (ESR) established a dedicated working group (ESR WG on Imaging Biobanks) aimed at monitoring the existing imaging biobanks in Europe, promoting the federation of...

    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:409
  36. Renal colic is a common disease in Europe and a common cause of visit to the Emergency Department. Clinical diagnosis is usually confirmed by imaging modalities. Unenhanced computed tomography (CT) is consider...

    Authors: Carlos Nicolau, Michel Claudon, Lorenzo E. Derchi, E. Jane Adam, Michael Bachmann Nielsen, Gerhard Mostbeck, Catherine M. Owens, Christiane Nyhsen and Spyros Yarmenitis
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:396
  37. This study was done to assess the clinical-diagnostic impact and cost of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) versus computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in the characterisation of focal...

    Authors: Arianna Lorusso, Emilio Quaia, Gabriele Poillucci, Fulvio Stacul, Guido Grisi and Maria Assunta Cova
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2015 6:402

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