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  1. Focal hand lesions are commonly encountered in clinical practice and are often benign. Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging is the imaging modality of choice in evaluating these lesions as it can accurately determi...

    Authors: Chau Hung Lee and Ankit Tandon
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:334
  2. To determine the diagnostic yield of computed tomography scanning of the pulmonary arteries (CTPA) in our centre and factors associated with it. Differences between specialties as well as adherence to protocol...

    Authors: Stefan Walen, Minke-Alie Leijstra, Steven M. Uil, Martijn F. Boomsma and Jan Willem K. van den Berg
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:325
  3. Invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) and lobular neoplasia (LN) are two distinct conditions that still pose challenges regarding to their classification, diagnosis and management. Although they share similar cellu...

    Authors: Tatiane M. G. Oliveira, Jorge Elias Jr, Andrea F. Melo, Sara R. Teixeira, Salomão C. Filho, Larissa M. Gonçalves, Francesca M. Faria, Daniel G. Tiezzi, Jurandyr M. Andrade and Valdair Muglia
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:324
  4. To assess the clinical and the economic impacts of intraprocedural use of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in patients undergoing percutaneous radiofrequency ablation for small (<2.5 cm) hepatocellular carc...

    Authors: Giovanni Mauri, Emanuele Porazzi, Luca Cova, Umberto Restelli, Tania Tondolo, Marzia Bonfanti, Anna Cerri, Tiziana Ierace, Davide Croce and Luigi Solbiati
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:315
  5. Acute pelvic pain in pregnancy presents diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Standard imaging techniques need to be adapted to reduce harm to the foetus from X-rays because of their teratogenic and carcinoge...

    Authors: Gabriele Masselli, Roberto Brunelli, Riccardo Monti, Marianna Guida, Francesca Laghi, Emanuele Casciani, Elisabetta Polettini and Gianfranco Gualdi
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:314
  6. To create a state-of-the-art overview of the new and expanding role of ultrasonography in clinical decision-making, intervention and management of the upper and lower airways, that is clinically relevant, up-t...

    Authors: Michael S. Kristensen, Wendy H. Teoh, Ole Graumann and Christian B. Laursen
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:309
  7. Otosclerosis is an otodystrophy of the otic capsule and is a cause of conductive, mixed or sensorineural hearing loss in the 2nd to 4th decades of life. Otosclerosis is categorised into two types, fenestral an...

    Authors: Bela Purohit, Robert Hermans and Katya Op de beeck
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:313
  8. The aim was to assess the performance of low-dose non-contrast CT of the urinary tract (LD-CT) acquired at radiation exposures close to that of abdominal radiography using adaptive statistical iterative recons...

    Authors: P. D. McLaughlin, K. P. Murphy, S. A. Hayes, K. Carey, J. Sammon, L. Crush, F. O’Neill, B. Normoyle, A. M. McGarrigle, J. E. Barry and M. M. Maher
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:310
  9. Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is a novel technique developed in the last decade to treat severe aortic stenosis in patients who are non-surgical candidates because of multiple comorbidities.

    Authors: Diana E. Litmanovich, Eduard Ghersin, David A. Burke, Jeffrey Popma, Maryam Shahrzad and Alexander A. Bankier
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:301
  10. To evaluate diagnostic imaging costs before and after DTS implementation in patients with suspected thoracic lesions on CXR.

    Authors: Emilio Quaia, Guido Grisi, Elisa Baratella, Roberto Cuttin, Gabriele Poillucci, Sara Kus and Maria Assunta Cova
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:305
  11. In this article we present a simplified algorithm-based approach to the thickening of the small and large bowel wall detected on routine computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen.

    Authors: Teresa Fernandes, Maria I. Oliveira, Ricardo Castro, Bruno Araújo, Bárbara Viamonte and Rui Cunha
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:308
  12. To describe the computed tomography (CT) features in a case series of primary intrathoracic extracardiac malignant mesenchymal tumours (sarcomas).

    Authors: Marcel Koenigkam-Santos, Gregor Sommer, Michael Puderbach, Seyer Safi, Philipp Albert Schnabel, Hans-Ulrich Kauczor and Claus Peter Heussel
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:306
  13. Meningiomas are the most common non-glial tumour of the central nervous system (CNS). There are a number of characteristic imaging features of meningiomas on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that allow an accu...

    Authors: J. Watts, G. Box, A. Galvin, P. Brotchie, N. Trost and T. Sutherland
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2014 5:302
  14. As clinical features in struma ovarii patients in the absence of thyrotoxicosis are generally non-specific and resemble ovarian malignancy, preoperative radiological diagnosis becomes all the more relevant in ...

    Authors: Martine I. Dujardin, Priti Sekhri and Lindsay W. Turnbull
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 5:303
  15. The objective of this study was to devise and implement a Europe-wide study on referral guidelines for radiological imaging in the EU Member States in order to identify potential major issues, important differ...

    Authors: Denis Remedios, Monika Hierath, Nick Ashford, Peter Cavanagh, Philippe A. Grenier, Catherine M. Lloyd, Georgi Simeonov, Julien-Aymeric Simonnet and Valérie Vilgrain
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 5:300
  16. As an integral part of the European Commission (EC) Imaging Referral Guidelines Project a 1.5-day workshop was held in Vienna on 20–21 September, 2012. At this workshop, models and good practices regarding the...

    Authors: Denis Remedios, Monika Hierath, Nick Ashford, Mario Bezzi, Peter Cavanagh, Jean-François Chateil, Philippe Grenier, Georgi Simeonov and Valerie Vilgrain
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 5:299
  17. Cervical spine injuries following major trauma result in significant associated morbidity and mortality. Devastating neurological injury, including complete and incomplete tetraplegia, are common sequelae of c...

    Authors: Michael Utz, Shadab Khan, Daniel O’Connor and Stephen Meyers
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 5:304
  18. Radiolucent mandibular lesions seen on panoramic radiographs develop from both odontogenic and non-odontogenic structures. They represent a broad spectrum of lesions with a varying degree of malignant potentia...

    Authors: Laurène Avril, Tommaso Lombardi, Angeliki Ailianou, Karim Burkhardt, Arthur Varoquaux, Paolo Scolozzi and Minerva Becker
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 5:298
  19. To describe atypical ultrasound features of parathyroid lesions and correlate them with clinical presentation and histopathology.

    Authors: Anuradha Chandramohan, Kirthi Sathyakumar, Reetu Amrita John, Marie Therese Manipadam, Deepak Abraham, Thomas V. Paul, Nihal Thomas and M. J. Paul
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 5:297
  20. Primary retroperitoneal masses are a rare but important group of neoplasms. Cross-sectional imaging has revolutionised the investigation of patients with retroperitoneal neoplasms. Both computed tomography (CT...

    Authors: Cressida Brennan, Dilkash Kajal, Korosh Khalili and Sangeet Ghai
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 5:294
  21. Radiotherapy (RT) is an integral component in the management of many abdominal and pelvic malignancies. Imaging follow-up in patients who have received RT is performed to assess for treatment response, evaluat...

    Authors: Nicola Schieda, Shawn Christopher Malone, Omran Al Dandan, Parvati Ramchandani and Evan S. Siegelman
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 5:295
  22. To evaluate portable media utilisation for image data sharing between enterprises. To predict the costs required to keep up with the trend. To identify related problems.

    Authors: K. Y. E. Aryanto, R. van de Wetering, A. Broekema, Peter M. A. van Ooijen and M. Oudkerk
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 5:296
  23. Our objective was to demonstrate the characteristic features of retroperitoneal lymphatic aneurysmal dilatation with three-dimensional (3D) magnetic resonance (MR) lymphography.

    Authors: Sarah Derhy, Sanaâ El Mouhadi, Ana Ruiz, Louisa Azizi, Yves Menu and Lionel Arrivé
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 4:290
  24. The first radiographic scoring system for pulmonary cystic fibrosis was presented in 1958. Since then a multitude of scoring systems for radiography and computed tomography (CT) have been presented, recently a...

    Authors: Kristina Vult von Steyern, Isabella M. Björkman-Burtscher and Mats Geijer
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 4:288
  25. This article reviews the prevalence of lumbarisation, sacralisation and lumbar ribs, and their morphological relevance by evaluating multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) images. These segment variations can ...

    Authors: Aya Nakajima, Akihito Usui, Yoshiyuki Hosokai, Yusuke Kawasumi, Kenta Abiko, Masato Funayama and Haruo Saito
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 5:286
  26. Large intracranial calcifications are occasionally encountered in routine computed tomography (CT) scans of the brain. These calcifications, also known as “brain stones”, can be classified according to locatio...

    Authors: Froilan G. Celzo, Caroline Venstermans, Frank De Belder, Johan Van Goethem, Luc van den Hauwe, Thijs van der Zijden, Maurits Voormolen, Tomas Menovsky, Andrew Maas and Paul M. Parizel
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 4:279
  27. Robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RALRP) is currently accepted as the preferred minimally invasive surgical treatment for localised prostate cancer, with optimal oncologic and functional resul...

    Authors: Massimo Tonolini, Federica Villa and Roberto Bianco
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 4:280
  28. Acute appendicitis is a common surgical emergency in the paediatric population. Computed tomography (CT) has been shown to have high accuracy and low operator dependence in the diagnosis of appendicitis. Howev...

    Authors: Alan J. Quigley and Samuel Stafrace
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 4:275
  29. In digital radiography we are now able to electronically collimate images after acquisition. This may seem convenient in paediatric imaging, but we have to be aware that electronic collimation has two major do...

    Authors: J. Bomer, L. Wiersma-Deijl and H. C. Holscher
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 4:281
  30. There are concerns that not all costly advanced imaging is appropriate. However, studies about the appropriateness of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are sparse. The aim of this study was to review various MR...

    Authors: Heljä Oikarinen, Ari Karttunen, Eija Pääkkö and Osmo Tervonen
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 4:276
  31. To compare image quality on computed tomographic (CT) images acquired with filtered back-projection (FBP), adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASIR) and model-based iterative reconstruction (MBIR) t...

    Authors: Varut Vardhanabhuti, Sumaira Ilyas, Catherine Gutteridge, Simon J. Freeman and Carl A. Roobottom
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 4:273
  32. Medical smartphone applications are increasingly popular amongst doctors. However, the quality of their content is variable. We assessed contemporary radiology-related smartphone applications, focussing on the...

    Authors: M. A. Rodrigues, A. Visvanathan, J. T. Murchison and R. R. Brady
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 4:274
  33. Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) represents a disorder characterised by an abnormal accumulation of histiocytes in miscellaneous tissues. The bone is commonly affected, especially the flat bones, the spine ...

    Authors: Suonita Khung, Jean-François Budzik, Elisa Amzallag-Bellenger, Anne Lambilliote, Gustavo Soto Ares, Anne Cotten and Nathalie Boutry
    Citation: Insights into Imaging 2013 4:271

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