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Table 4 Selection of ‘wordy’ items with suggested alternatives produced by readability studio software (‘wordy’ items are complex words and phrases that contain too many words)

From: Readability of patient education materials related to radiation safety: What are the implications for patient-centred radiology care?

Wordy item Suggested alternative
Abbreviated Shortened
Accuracy Correctness, exactness
Acquire Gain, get
Adequate Enough
Adverse Harmful
Component Part
Conscious Aware
Consequences Results
Criteria Requirements
Deliberately On purpose
Demonstrate Show
Detrimental Harmful
Distinguish Tell apart
Equivalent Equal
Evaluate Check, rate
Facilitate Ease, help
Feasible Can be done
Hazardous Risky, unsafe
Implement Carry out, do
In reference to About, on, for, as for, in, of, over, respecting, to, toward, with
In the process of While
In the vicinity of Close to, near, about, close by, in, nearby, around, round, close
Magnitude size
Modify Change
Necessitated Caused, needed
Numerous Many
Optimum Best, greatest
Pertaining to About, regarding
Proceed Do, go on
Radiant Bright
Recommend Suggest
Regulation Rule, law
Requisite Needed, necessity
Stringent Strict, tight
Sufficient Enough, ample
Supplemental Added, extra