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Table 1 Definitions of CT findings

From: Predictive ability of CT findings in the differentiation of complicated and uncomplicated appendicitis: a retrospective investigation of 201 patients undergone appendectomy at initial admission

CT findings Definitions
Mucosal hyperenhancement Mucosal enhancement of appendix was compared to that of normal small bowel loops
Mucosal enhancement defect Focal absence of mucosal enhancement of appendix
Fluid collection Extraluminal fluid collection with/without contrast-enhanced wall
Periappendiceal fluid Extraluminal fluid around the appendix without encapsulation
Periappendiceal fat stranding Increased attenuation of fat surrounding appendix. Just perceptible (thickness, 1–2 mm), mild; others, moderate–severe
Phlegmon A mass-like soft tissue density within the right lower abdominal quadrant surrounding inflamed appendix
Ascites Free fluid with is considered larger than a physiologic amount
Small bowel dilatation Small bowel caliber of larger than 2.5 cm
Appendicolith A calcific focus inside appendiceal lumen measuring ≥ 2 mm in diameter, or outside the lumen within fluid or fluid collection
Tip appendiceal diameter Diameter of appendix measured at within 1 cm of the tip