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Table 5 Evaluation of DICOM viewers included in the study

From: How does DICOM support big data management? Investigating its use in medical imaging community

Software DE-ID DICOM-SEG DICOM-SR License Release date Link
Reading Writing Reading Writing
RadiAnt N N* N Y N Free trial + commercial 29/04/2020
ProSurgical3D N N N N N Free trial + commercial 25/06/2019
PostDicom N Y N Y N Free trial + commercial N/A
Horos Viewer Y N N Y N LGPL-3.0 19/12/2019
3D Slicer P Y Y** Y** N BSD-style 22/05/2019
Mango P N N N N RII-UTHSCSA 24/03/2019
ITK-SNAP N N N N N GNU General Public License 12/06/2019
mEDinria N N N N N BSD 4-Clause 11/06/2020  
mricROgl Y N N N N BSD 2-Clause 31/3/2020
BrainVISA Anatomist N N N N N CeCILL License V 2 25/09/2018
  1. Y, yes; N, no; P, partial
  2. *DICOM-SEG successfully loaded but misinterpreted by the software
  3. **Including “QuantitativeReporting” extension (