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Table 1 Intersection of Forecasted (2030) Global Burden of Disease—top 21 causes—with Imaging Indication

From: Optimizing integrated imaging service delivery by tier in low-resource health systems

Global burden disease foresight 2030 list of #1–21 causes of years of life lost per 100,000 (both sexes, age-standardized) [5] Screening with imaging Imaging for primary diagnosis (directly or contributory) Imaging for diagnosis of complications of disease Imaging-guided treatment Imaging surveillance
1. Cardiovascular Disease [13]   x x x x
2. Neoplasm [12, 19] x x x x x
3. Diarrhea/lower respiratory tract infection [13]   x x   
4. Neonatal conditions [13]   x x x x
5. Chronic non-communicable diseases [13]   x x x x
6. HIV/AIDS/TB [13] x x x x x
7. Unintentional injuries (falls, drowning, fire) [13]   x x x x
8. Transport injuries [13]   x x x x
9. Chronic respiratory disease [13]   x x x x
10. Self-harm and violence [13]   x x x  
11. Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), malaria   x x x x
12. Other non-communicable diseases [13]   x x x x
13. Neurological [13]   x x x x
14. Cirrhosis [13]   x x x x
15. Digestive diseases [13]   x x x x
16. Mental diseases [13]   x x x x
17. Other communicable (STDs) [13]    x   
18. Nutritional deficiencies    x x  
19. War and disaster [13]   x x x x
20. Maternal disorders [13] x x x x x
21. Musculoskeletal [13]   x x x x