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Table 1 Quantities suitable for setting diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) ICRP-135 [4]

From: Dosimetric quantities and effective dose in medical imaging: a summary for medical doctors

Image modality Recommended quantity Recommended unit
Radiography Entrance-surface air kerma (Ka,e) or Kerma-Area Product (PKA) mGy or mGy.cm2
Mammography Mean glandular dose (DG) or “average glandular dose” (AGD) and Ka,i (incident air kerma) or Ka,e mGy
Interventional fluoroscopy kerma-Area Product (PKA) and air-kerma at the patient entrance reference point (Ka,r) Gy.cm2 and mGy
Computed tomography CTDIvol (computed tomography dose index) and Dose Length Product (DLP) mGy and mGy cm
Nuclear medicine Administered activity MBq