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Table 5 Scan parameters recommended for CT-guided lung ablation

From: Image-guided percutaneous ablation for the treatment of lung malignancies: current state of the art

kV (range) 80–120 kV
mAs (range) 20–50 mAs
Rotation time 0.5 s
Collimation 1 × 10 mm
CTDIvol unit CTF: mGy/s
CCT: mGy
CBCT: mGy and mGy/s
Tube current modulation Not necessary
Image reconstruction Eight frames per second
Longitudinal scan length Smallest possible
Slice thickness 4 mm
Typical accumulated CTDIvol 75–100 mGy
Typical accumulated DLP 1000–1200 mGy x cm
  1. CT, computed tomography; CTF; CCT; CBCT; kV, kilovolt; mAs, milliamps; CTDIvol, volume CT dose index; DLP; dose-length product