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Table 1 Responses to whether radiographers had any symptoms of ‘burn-out’? (survey 2)

From: Early experiences of radiographers in Ireland during the COVID-19 crisis

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, do you have any of the following symptoms of ‘burnout’?
I enjoy my work. I have no symptoms of burnout 9.5% 25
Occasionally I am under stress, and I don’t always have as much energy as I once did, but I don’t feel burned out 50.6% 133
I am definitely burning out and have one or more symptoms of burnout, such as physical and emotional exhaustion 29.3% 77
The symptoms of burnout that I am experiencing will not go away. I think about work frustrations a lot 8.4% 22
I feel completely burned out and often wonder if I can go on. I am at the point where I may need some changes or may need to seek some sort of help 2.3% 6