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Table 1 Overall selected medical students

From: Blended learning of radiology improves medical students’ performance, satisfaction, and engagement

 Promotion 1 (year 2015/2016)Promotion 2 (year 2016/2017)Promotion 3 (year 2017/2018)Total
Overall (eligible students)148149136433 (100.0)
Students performing the pretest146140132418 (96.5)
Students performing the posttest133118111362 (83.6)
Students performing took both pre and posttests*127116110353 (81.5)*
Students attending the optional course10293109304 (86.1)**
Students answering the survey6888103259 (73.3)**
  1. Data are expressed in number of citations. Data in parentheses are percentages.
  2. *Students included in the study. **Percentages are expressed regarding only included students