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Table 5 Criteria rakings (mean values based on Kendall’s W) comparison between first and second Delphi rounds regarding mediolateral oblique image manoeuvre combining the opinions of both groups (radiologists and radiographers)

From: Consensus about image quality assessment criteria of breast implants mammography using Delphi method with radiographers and radiologists

Standard mediolateral oblique projection of breast implants
Criteria1st round (average)Criteria2nd round (average)
Absence of artefacts5.81Adequate image contrast6.22
Visualisation of inferior breast tissue7.69Adequate image penetration6.22
Inframammary angle open and visible7.69Sharpness of breast tissue7.06
Level of visualisation of pectoral muscle (PNL)7.75Inframammary angle open and visible7.11
Spread of breast tissue7.75Axillary tail visible7.11
Nipple in profile7.88Visualisation of inferior breast tissue7.28
Sharpness of breast tissue8.19Visualisation of superior breast tissue7.33
No flow (implant)8.50Breast aligned with the detector’s centre7.94
Breast aligned with the detector’s centre8.69Absence of artefacts8.5
Axillary tail visible8.69Spread of breast tissue8.78
Absence of skin folders9.25Nipple in profile8.83
Visualisation at least half of the implant9.44Visualisation of retroglandular adipose tissue8.94
Visualisation of superior breast tissue9.56Absence of skin folders9.67
Images in mirror (symmetry)9.69Visualisation at least half of the implant10
Visualisation of retroglandular adipose tissue10.56Images in mirror (symmetry)12.11
Visualisation of vascular anatomy14.00Inferior level of pectoral muscle12.89
Skin line visible14.06Level of visualisation of pectoral muscle (PNL)Left out
Visualisation of pores along the skin15.81No flow (implant)Left out
Inferior level of pectoral muscleLeft outVisualisation of pores along the skinLeft out
Adequate image contrastLeft outVisualisation of vascular anatomyLeft out
Adequate image penetrationLeft outSkin line visibleLeft out