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Fig. 1

From: Gyriform restricted diffusion in adults: looking beyond thrombo-occlusions

Fig. 1

MRI of the brain performed in the acute phase of HIE. On axial DWI (a, d) and axial ADC images (b, e), symmetric GRD is seen in the perirolandic cortices (arrows in a and b) and in the visual cortices bilaterally (arrows in d and e). Restricted diffusion is also observed in the putamina (dashed arrows in d and e) and in the thalami (arrowheads in d and e). Corresponding axial T2W images (c, f) demonstrate no obvious signal abnormality in the cortices. However, there is mild T2 hyperintensity in the putamina (dashed arrows) and in the thalami (arrowheads) (f)

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