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Fig. 6

From: Imaging indications and findings in evaluation of lung transplant graft dysfunction and rejection

Fig. 6

Role of multimodality imaging in a 32-year-old male status post bilateral lung transplant presenting with shortness of breath. CT images in lung window setting (a, b) show multifocal bilateral consolidations, which are predominately seen in both lower lobes. Images from flexible bronchoscopy (c, d) show mucopurulent secretions at origin of right bronchus and in right middle lobe bronchi. Still image from esophagogram (e) shows small hiatal hernia (arrow); the patient had delayed esophageal emptying. Mycoplasma IgM titers were high and the patient was felt to have mycoplasma pneumonia with co-existing aspiration pneumonia. Trans-bronchial biopsy was negative for acute rejection

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