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Table 1 Main indications for CEUS LI-RADS in patients at high risk for HCC

From: CEUS LI-RADS: a pictorial review

Assess nodules ≥ 10 mm detected on surveillance US.
Assess LR-3, LR-4, and LR-M observations detected on prior CT or MRI.
Detect APHE when mistiming is suspected as the reason for its absence on prior CT or MRI.
Assess biopsied observations with inconclusive histology.
Guide biopsy or treatment of observations difficult to visualize with precontrast US.
Help select appropriate observation(s) or observation component(s) for biopsy.
Monitor changes in enhancement pattern over time for selected CEUS LR-3 or CEUS LR-4 observations.
Differentiate tumor in vein (“tumor thrombus”) from bland thrombus.