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Table 3 Use of imaging methods in the screening of patients with cancer risk for exposure to environmental factors

From: Imaging methods used in the assessment of environmental disease networks: a brief review for clinicians

Environmental risk factorsType of cancerImaging methods used for screening
Exposure to magnetic fieldsLeukaemiaMammography as screening for breast cancer
Breast cancer
Ionising radiation
▪ X-rays
▪ Radiotherapy
▪ Nuclear industry
LeukaemiaUltrasound as an initial method of screening for thyroid and liver while X-ray is the best option for osteogenic sarcoma
Thyroid cancer
Liver cancer
Osteogenic sarcoma
Ultraviolet radiationMelanoma and squamous cancerN/A
Tobacco smokingLung cancerChest film and CT are the screening methods of choice for those organs affected by tobacco smoke, another tool used in these cases is the bronchoscopy
Larynx cancer
Throat cancer
Bladder cancer
Ambient particulate matter pollutionTracheal cancer
Bronchus cancer
Lung cancer
Occupational exposureLung cancerCT is used as the initial method
Brain tumours
Infections (H. pylori)Gastric cancerEndoscopy and colonoscopy with gastric tissue biopsy