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Fig. 15

From: Emergency imaging in paediatric oncology: a pictorial review

Fig. 15

A 5-year-old boy presenting with jaundice from biliary rhabdomyosarcoma. a Longitudinal and (b, c) transverse ultrasound images of the liver at diagnosis, demonstrates a heterogenous mass (white arrows) occupying and distending the common bile duct with downstream intrahepatic biliary dilatation (red arrow). d, e Axial T2-weighted MRI images through the liver confirm the intra-biliary mass (white arrows), with dilatation of right-sided intrahepatic bile ducts (red arrow). f The intrahepatic biliary dilatation is best demonstrated on the 3D-maximum intensity projection (MIP) image of the MRCP (MR cholangiopancreatography)

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