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Table 2 List of different tasks under the umbrella of “dose management”

From: How to manage accidental and unintended exposure in radiology: an ESR white paper

• Dose recording: part of clinical record, mandated by regulators, storage: PACS, RIS, paper-based, electronic recording required by EU-BSS Art. 60 1. (3) for CT and interventional radiology
• Dose reporting: part of report for individual patients (2013/59/EURATOM), mandated by authorities to establish DRLs
• Dose tracking: individual tracking of patient dose, patient safety, QA
• Dose monitoring: QA, benchmarking, dose alerts (national DRLs, Local DRL’s, overexposure, accident reporting), technical malfunction, errors of staff
• Dose management: includes all of above, scientific or industrial software solutions, needed for PACS, RIS, HIS, DICOM, IHE, dose management software