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Table 1 Compressed SENSE factors and denoising levels for 1.5-T and 3-T MR examinations

From: Common artefacts encountered on images acquired with combined compressed sensing and SENSE

Sequence CS SENSE factor Denoising level Scan time reduction
3D FLAIR 8.2 medium 30%
3D DIR 6.7 medium 30%
3D m-Dixon T1 TFE 7 medium 35%
3D T1 TFE 2.5 weak 50%
3D T1 black blood TSE 5.75 weak 25%
SWIP 5.7 weak 40%
3D TOF MRA 3 strong 40%
3D PCA 4 strong 50%
3D T2 DRIVE TSE 2.9 strong 30%
3D T1 spine view 5.2 strong only with Compressed SENSE
3D T2 spine view 7 strong only with
Compressed SENSE
3D PD knee 7.5 strong only with Compressed SENSE
  1. FLAIR fluid attenuated inversion recovery, DIR double inversion recovery, m-Dixon modified Dixon, TFE turbo field echo, TSE turbo spin echo, SWIP susceptibility-weighted imaging phase, TOF MRA time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography, PCA phase-contrast angiography, PD proton density