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Fig. 5

From: Ultrasonography of thyroid nodules: a pictorial review

Fig. 5Fig. 5

(a) This hypo-echoic nodule has small hyper-echoic foci of calcification and an irregular lobulated contour. FNAC confirmed papillary thyroid cancer. (b) This hypo-echoic nodule has a single coarse globular calcification and an irregular contour. FNAC confirmed medullary thyroid cancer. (c) Thyroid nodule with intra-nodular vascularity, later confirmed to be papillary thyroid cancer. (d) A hypo-echoic nodule that is taller than wide is considered to be malignant. (e) An abnormal lymph node with malignant features—irregular contours, mixed echotexture and vascularity. An abnormal lymph node would result in a U5 category despite any benign features of the thyroid nodule

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