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Table 3 Reasons for radiologists to engage in social networking

From: Social media for radiologists: an introduction

1. To build, develop and maintain a network of professional contacts
 - Communicate with colleagues from local or personal network
 - Meet colleagues from around the globe
 - Collaborate with colleagues/people with common interests and experience
2. To discover new career, research, or business opportunities
 - Find new (unpublished) opportunities
 - Establish research collaborations (virtual teams)
 - Develop business relationships, new ventures
3. To remove barriers to improved collaboration
 - Share media in all kinds of formats
 - Discuss the latest radiology news, articles, conferences
 - Seek help or consultation from a community of experts
 - Learn from colleagues with common clinical interests/expertise
4. To make themselves more visible to the public, a virtual “face of radiology”
 - Inform the public about radiology examinations
 - Discuss imaging-related topics with patients
5. To access education and research
 - Subscribe to pages of radiological societies
 - Follow and participate in online discussion of cases
 - Participate in online research networks
 - Promote and discuss scientific publications