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Table 3 Advantages and disadvantages of imaging techniques

From: Cardiovascular imaging in children and adults following Kawasaki disease

Imaging technique Advantage(s) Disadvantage(s)
Echocardiography Non-invasive
Distal coronary arteries not visible
CAG Complete image of coronary tree Invasive, possible complications
Need of anaesthesia
Radiation exposure
CMRI Visualisation of distal aneurysms
Functional assessment
Need of anaesthesia in younger children
CT-angiography Visualisation of distal aneurysms and stenosis
Widely available
Radiation exposure
CT-calciumscore Visualisation of calcifications late after disease
Low-radiation exposure
Not suitable for aneurysm information
Only applicable late after acute disease
  1. CAG conventional angiography, CMRI Cardiac MRI