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Erratum to: The future of hybrid imaging—part 3: PET/MR, small-animal imaging and beyond

The Original Article was published on 25 March 2011

Erratum to: Insights Imaging

DOI 10.1007/s13244-011-0085-4

The authors of the article “The future of hybrid imaging—part 3: PET/MR, small animal imaging and beyond”, published in Insights Imaging (2011) 2:235–246 would like to point out that Fig. 6 was composed from several sources for the purposes of illustration. During this process, the authors did not acknowledge the source of the small animal image in Fig. 6d appropriately. This image portion was taken from Goetz C, Breton E, Choquet P, Israel-Jost V, Constantinesco A (2008) SPECT-low field MRI system for small animal imaging. J Nucl Med 49:88–93. Goetz and colleagues were kind enough to point this out to the authors. We apologise for our neglect.

Henceforth, the correct figure caption to Fig. 6 should read: Fig. 6 Alternative combinations of imaging techniques in prototype designs and research testing: a) scintimmamography imaging [58], b) combined X-ray/ultrasound imaging [59], c) mammotomography [60] and d) SPECT/MRI [42]. The small animal image in Fig. 6d was taken from Goetz C et al. J Nucl Med (2008) 49:88–93 and shows retrospectively fused 99mTc-SPECT and T1w-MRI images of a mouse obtained with a combined SPECT/low field MRI small animal imaging prototype.

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