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Table 3 Advantages and disadvantages of advanced imaging modalities for assessing recent TB infections before active disease

From: CT and 18F-FDG PET abnormalities in contacts with recent tuberculosis infections but negative chest X-ray

  Advantages Disadvantages
Chest CT Widely implemented Evaluation of extrapulmonary TB manifestations
Radiation dose comparable to chest radiographs Evaluation of TB lesions without morphologic changes (e.g., LNs)
Quick acquisition in a single breath-hold  
Relatively affordable  
18F-FDG PET Metabolic information is quantifiable Expensive
Extrapulmonary lesions are evaluable Radiation dose is higher than chest CT
TB lesions without morphologic changes are detectable Long acquisition time
Respiratory motions may affect image quality Limitedly accessible in resource-constraint settings
  Detection of small pulmonary lesions may be limited*
  1. TB —tuberculosis; CT —computed tomography; 18F-FDG —18-fluorodeoxyglucose; PET —positron emission tomography; MR —magnetic resonance; LN— lymph node
  2. *Detection of small pulmonary lesions may be limited on a PET/MR scan