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Table 2 Classification of 452 patients for the stage of fibrosis grade to one, the mean of two or the mean of three liver stiffness measurement using 2D shear wave elastography

From: 2D-shear wave elastography: number of acquisitions can be reduced according to clinical setting

  1. aThreshold for LS measure was 7.1 kPa for differentiation of F0–1 versus F2–4 and 9.2 kPa (except for HBV-related liver disease where a cutoff of 8.2 kPa was used) for differentiation of F0–2 versus F3–4, according to Herrmann et al. (15); LSM: liver stiffness measurement
  2. The appropriate classification is represented with a light green background, while the misclassification is represented with a light red background