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Table 4 Selected databases (n = 83) providing additional information other than DICOM images

From: How does DICOM support big data management? Investigating its use in medical imaging community

Dataset name Dataset collection Pathology Region Modality Number of samples CI A/S CR TCIA analysis results
PNEUMONIA RSNA Pneumonia Lung RX 30,000 N Y (JSON) N  
CT Lymph Nodes TCIA Lymphadenopathy Abdomen, mediastinum CT 176 N Y (NIfTI) N  
Pancreas-CT TCIA Healthy controls Pancreas CT 82 N Y (NIfTI) N  
Prostate-3 T TCIA Prostate cancer Prostate MR 64 N Y (.mhd) N  
RIDER Lung CT TCIA Lung cancer Chest CT 32 N Y (XLS), Y*a, YR N [78, 79]
Brain-Tumor-Progression TCIA Brain cancer Brain MR 20 N Y* N  
CBIS-DDSM TCIA Breast cancer Breast MG 1566 N Y* N  
QIN LUNG CT TCIA Non-small cell lung cancer Lung CT 47 N Ya (NIfTI), Y*a N [78,79,80,81,82]
4D-Lung TCIA Non-small cell lung cancer Lung CT 20 N YR N  
AAPM RT-MAC Grand Challenge 2019 TCIA Head and neck cancer Head–neck MR 55 N YR N  
Head–Neck Cetuximab (RTOG 0522) TCIA Head and neck carcinomas Head–neck CT, PT 111 N YR N  
LCTSC TCIA Lung cancer Lung CT 60 N YR N  
MRI-DIR TCIA Squamous cell carcinoma Head and Neck MR, CT 9 N YR N  
Anti-PD-1 Lung TCIA Lung cancer Lung CT, PT, SC 46 N Y*a Y*a [83]
Anti-PD-1_MELANOMA TCIA Melanoma Skin CT, MR, PT 47 N Y*a Y*a [83]
CT Colonography (ACRIN 6664) TCIA Colon cancer Colon CT 825 Yb N N  
LDCT-and-Projection-data TCIA Various Head, chest, abdomen CT 300 Yb N N  
NSCLC-Radiomics-Genomics TCIA Lung cancer Lung CT 89 Yb N N  
REMBRANDT TCIA Low- and high-grade glioma Brain MR 130 Yb N N  
Acrin-FLT-Breast (ACRIN 6688) TCIA Breast cancer Breast PET, CT, OT 83 Y N N  
Acrin-FMISO-Brain (ACRIN 6684) TCIA Glioblastoma Brain CT, MR, PT 45 Y N N  
ACRIN-NSCLC-FDG-PET (ACRIN 6668) TCIA Non-small cell lung cancer Lung PT, CT, MR, CR, DX, SC, NM 242 Y N N  
CPTAC-CM TCIA Cutaneous melanoma Skin MR, CT, CR, PT, pathology 94 Y N N  
CPTAC-LSCC TCIA Squamous cell carcinoma Lung CT, CR, DX, NM, PT, pathology 212 Y N N  
CPTAC-LUAD TCIA Adenocarcinoma Lung CT, MR, PT, CR, pathology 244 Y N N  
TCGA-CESC TCIA Cervical squamous cell carcinoma and endocervical adenocarcinoma Cervix MR, pathology 54 Yb N N  
TCGA-ESCA TCIA Esophageal carcinoma Esophagus CT, pathology 16 Yb N N  
TCGA-KICH TCIA Kidney chromophobe Kidney CT, MR, pathology 15 Y N N  
TCGA-KIRP TCIA Kidney renal papillary cell carcinoma Renal CT, MR, PT, pathology 33 Y N N  
TCGA-PRAD TCIA Prostate cancer Prostate CT, PT, MR, Pathology 14 Y N N  
TCGA-READ TCIA Rectum adenocarcinoma Rectum CT, MR, pathology 3 Y N N  
TCGA-SARC TCIA Sarcomas Chest, abdomen, pelvis, leg, TSpine CT, MR, pathology 5 Y N N  
TCGA-STAD TCIA Stomach adenocarcinoma Stomach CT, pathology 46 Yb N N  
TCGA-THCA TCIA Thyroid cancer Thyroid CT, PT, pathology 6 Y N N  
LGG-1p19qDeletion TCIA Low grade glioma Brain MR 159 Yb Y (NIfTI) N  
Lung Fused-CT-Pathology TCIA Lung cancer Lung CT, pathology 6 Yb N N  
LungCT-Diagnosis TCIA Lung cancer Lung CT 61 Yb Y (XLS), Ya (NIfTI) N [80,81,82]
Prostate-Diagnosis TCIA Prostate cancer Prostate MR 92 Yb Y (.NRRD) N  
PROSTATEx TCIA Prostate cancer Prostate MR 346 Yb Y (CSV) N  
SPIE-AAPM Lung CT Challenge TCIA Lung cancer Lung CT 70 Yb Y (XLS) N  
Head-Neck-Radiomics-HN1 TCIA Head and neck cancer Head–neck CT, PT, SEG 137 Yb Y*,YR N  
NSCLC-Radiomics TCIA Lung cancer Lung CT, SEG 422 Yb Y*, Ya (NIfTI), YR N [84,85,86]
NSCLC-Radiomics-Interobserver1 TCIA Non-small cell lung cancer Lung CT, SEG 22 Yb Y*, YR N  
TCGA-GBM TCIA Glioblastoma multiforme Brain MR, CT, DX, pathology 262 Y Y*a, Ya (NIfTI, XML) N [87,88,89,90]
TCGA-LGG TCIA Low-grade glioma Brain MR, CT, pathology 199 Y Y*a, Ya (NIfTI) N [88,89,90]
Head-Neck-PET-CT TCIA Head and neck cancer Head–neck PT, CT 298 Yb YR N  
HNSCC TCIA Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Head–neck CT, PT, MR 627 Y YR N  
HNSCC-3DCT-RT TCIA Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Head–neck CT, DICOM-RT, RTDOSE 31 Yb YR N  
OPC-Radiomics TCIA Oropharyngeal Head-and-neck CT, DICOM-RT, Clinical 606 Yb YR N  
Soft-tissue-Sarcoma TCIA Soft-tissue sarcoma Extremities FDG-PET/CT, MR 51 Y YR N  
CPTAC-CCRCC TCIA Clear cell carcinoma Kidney CT, MR, pathology 222 Y Y*a Y*a [83]
CPTAC-GBM TCIA Glioblastoma multiforme Brain CT, CR, SC, MR, pathology 189 Y Y*a Y*a [83]
CPTAC-HNSCC TCIA Head and neck cancer Head–neck CT, MR, SC, pathology 112 Y Y*a Y*a [83]
CPTAC-PDA TCIA Ductal adenocarcinoma Pancreas CT, MR, DX, PT, XA, CR, US, pathology 168 Y Y*a Y*a [83]
TCGA-BLCA TCIA Bladder endothelial carcinoma Bladder CT, CR, MR, PT, DX, pathology 120 Y Y*a Y*a [83]
TCGA-COAD TCIA Colon adenocarcinoma Colon CT, pathology 25 Y Y*a Y*a [83]
TCGA-LUSC TCIA Lung squamous cell carcinoma Lung CT, NM, PT, pathology 37 Y Y*a Y*a [83]
TCGA-UCEC TCIA Uterine corpus endometrial carcinoma Uterus CT, CR, MR, PT, pathology 65 Y Y*a Y*a [83]
Breast-MRI-NACT-Pilot TCIA Breast cancer Breast MR, SEG 64 Yb Y* Y*a [91]
C4KC-KiTS TCIA Kidney cancer Kidney CT, SEG 210 Yb Y* N  
ISPY1 (ACRIN 6657) TCIA Breast cancer Breast MR, SEG 222 Yb Y* Y*a [91]
NSCLC-Radiogenomics TCIA Non-small cell lung cancer Chest PT, CT, SEG, SR 211 Yb Y (XML), Y*, Y*a Y*a [83]
TCGA-HNSC TCIA Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Head-neck CT, MR, PT, Pathology 227 Y Y*a, YR Y*a [83]
LIDC-IDRI TCIA Lung cancer Chest CT, CR, DX 1010 Yb Y (XML), Y*a Y*a [78, 79, 92,93,94,95]
QIN-HeadNeck TCIA Head and neck carcinomas Head-neck PT, CT, SR, SEG, RWV 156 Yb Y* Y*  
CPTAC-UCEC TCIA Corpus endometrial carcinoma Uterus CT, MR, PT, CR, DX, SR, pathology 250 Y Y*a Y* (incomplete SR), Y*a [83]
TCGA-KIRC TCIA Kidney renal clear cell carcinoma Renal CT, MR, CR, pathology 267 Y Ya (XLS) Y*a [96]
TCGA-BRCA TCIA Breast cancer Breast MR, MG, pathology 139 Y Ya (XLS) Y*a [91, 97,98,99,100,101,102]
TCGA-LIHC TCIA Liver hepatocellular carcinoma Liver MR, CT, PT, pathology 97 Y Ya (XML) Y*a [96]
TCGA-LUAD TCIA Lung adenocarcinoma Chest CT, PT, NM, pathology 69 Y Ya (XLS) Y*a [96]
TCGA-OV TCIA Ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma Ovary CT, MR, pathology 143 Y Ya (XLS) Y*a [96]
CPTAC-SAR TCIA Sarcomas Various (11 locations) CT, MR, PT, SR, pathology 94 Y N Y* (incomplete SR)  
Breast Diagnosis TCIA Breast cancer Breast MR, PT, CT, MG 88 Yb N Y (.XLS), Y*a [91]
COVID-19-AR TCIA COVID-19 Chest CT, CR, DX 105 Y N N  
ELCAP Public Lung Image Database NA Lung cancer Lung CT 50 N Y (.CSV) N  
I2CVB Prostate NA Prostate cancer Prostate MR 12 Y N N  
MIMBCD-UI UTA4 MIMBCD Breast cancer Breast US, MG, MRI 3 Y N N  
MIMBCD-UI UTA7 MIMBCD Breast cancer Breast US, MG 6 Y Y (.JSON) N  
MIMBCD-UI UTA10 MIMBCD Breast cancer Breast US, MG 6 Y Y (.JSON) N  
eNKI_RS_TRT NKI_RS No Brain MRI 24 Y N N  
  1. TCIA, The Cancer Imaging Archive; CT, computed tomography; MR, magnetic resonance; PT (or PET), positron emission tomography; SR, structured report; CR, computed radiography; MG, mammography; DX, digital radiography; XA, X-ray angiography; SC, secondary capture; NM, nuclear medicine; OT, other modality; RWV, real-world value; CI, clinical info; No, number of cases; A/S, annotations/segmentations; CR, clinical report; JSON, JavaScript object notation; NIfTI, Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative; CSV, comma separated value; XLS, excel spreadsheet; XML, extensible markup language; NRRD, nearly raw raster data; mhd, MetaImage; Y, yes; N, no; NA, not applicable
  2. Lines with bold correspond to the finally selected datasets (n = 34)
  3. *Additional information provided according to DICOM format (DICOM-SEG for annotations/segmentations and DICOM-SR for clinical reports)
  4. aAnnotations/segmentations and/or clinical reports provided by researchers who were not part of the group which originally submitted the related TCIA collection, with related references reported in “TCIA analysis results” column
  5. bClinical info supposed to be enough to reconstruct DICOM-SR (namely if related imaging series is provided and/or if the clinical information refers to a single imaging modality)
  6. RAnnotations/segmentations provided as DICOM-RT