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Table 2 Most pertinent/specific DICOM tags related to DICOM-SEG modality

From: How does DICOM support big data management? Investigating its use in medical imaging community

Attribute Tag Description Type
Image type (0008, 0008) Value reflecting if the image is primary or derived (value shall be 1 for DERIVED) 1
Instance number (0020, 0013) SOP instance number 1
Segmentation type (0062, 0001) Encoding properties of the segmentation (BINARY or FRACTIONAL) 1
Segmentation fractional type (0062, 0010) The meaning of fractional value (required for FRACTIONAL Segmentation type) 1C
Segments overlap (0062, 0013) Specify if one pixel can be in more than one segment 3
Segment sequence (0062, 0002) Description of the segment(s) 1
Segment number (0062, 0004) The number of the segment (unique) 1
Segment label (0062, 0005) User-defined label identifying the segment 1
Segment description (0062, 0006) User-defined description of the segment 3
Segment algorithm type (0062, 0008) Type of the algorithm used to generate the segment (AUTOMATIC, SEMIAUTOMATIC, MANUAL) 1
Segmented property category
Segmented property type
(0062, 0003)
(0062, 000F)
Sequence defining the specific property the segment represents 1
Definition source sequence (0008, 1156) Source sequence of the segment(s) 3
Segment algorithm name (0062, 0009) Name of the algorithm to generate the segment (required AUTOMATIC or SEMIAUTOMATIC in (0062,0008)) 1C
Segmentation algorithm identification attribute (0062, 0007) A description of the segmentation algorithm 3
  1. Type 1: required (valid value); Type 3: optional; Type 1C: conditional