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Table 1 The DICOM attributes to add after the application of the DICOM attribute confidentiality profiles

From: How does DICOM support big data management? Investigating its use in medical imaging community

Attribute Tag Description Type
Private data element characteristics sequence attribute (0008, 0300) Characteristics of private data elements within or referenced in the current SOP instance 3
Deidentification action sequence attribute (0008, 0305) Actions to be performed on element within the block that are not safe from identify leakage 3
Patient identity removed (0012, 0062) The true identity of the patient has been removed from the attributes and the pixel data 3
De-identification method (0012, 0063) A description or label of the mechanism or method use to remove the patient's identity. May be multi-valued if successive de-identification steps have been performed 1C
De-identification method code sequence (0012, 0064) A code describing the mechanism or method use to remove the patient's identity 1C
Burned in annotation attribute (0028, 0301) Indicates whether or not image contains sufficient burned in annotation to identify the patient and date the image was acquired 3
Recognizable visual features attribute (0028, 0302) Indicates whether or not the image contains sufficiently recognizable visual features to allow the image or a reconstruction from a set of images to identify the patient 3
Longitudinal temporal information modified (0028, 0303) Indicates whether or not the date and time attributes in the instance have been modified during de-identification 3
Encrypted attributes sequence attribute (0400, 0500) Sequence of items containing encrypted DICOM data 1C
Original attributes sequence attribute (0400, 0561) Sequence of items containing all attributes that were removed or replaced by other values in the top level dataset 3
  1. Type 3: optional; Type 1C: conditional