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Table 3 Inter-reader reliability for using different color Doppler methods (subjective, semi-quantitative and objective, quantitative) for assessment of maximal synovial vascularity in joints of patients with blood-induced disorders

From: A semiquantitative color Doppler ultrasound scoring system for evaluation of synovitis in joints of patients with blood-induced arthropathy

Testing domain US operators (data acquisition) Reliability [ICC (95% CIs)] for interpretation of data by readers (1, 2)
Semi-quantitative scoring system   
  Canada 1.00 (1.00, 1.00)
  China 0.98 (0.97, 0.98)
Quantitative scoring system   
  Area of pixels 0.61 (− 0.51, 0.96)
  Count of pixels 0.60 (− 0.52, 0.96)
  Area of pixels 0.67 (0.43–0.82)
  Count of pixels 0.70 (0.48–0.84)
  1. US, ultrasound; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficients; CI, confidence intervals