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Table 3 Typical effective doses and equivalent of natural background radiation time for different imaging procedures used in Germany [7]

From: Dosimetric quantities and effective dose in medical imaging: a summary for medical doctors

Imaging procedure Typical effective dose (ED) in (mSv) Approx. natural background radiation (for similar ED)
Chest PA 0.02 3 days
Abdomen AP/PA 0.34 2 months
CT-chest 5.1 2.4 years
CT-abdomen and pelvis 11 5.2 years
Coronary angiography 3.1 1.5 years
Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) 6.4 3 years
Endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) of the aorta 17 8 years
Lung perfusion scintigraphy 160 MBq Tc-99 m 1.8 10 months
Positron emission tomography (oncology)
(350 MBq F-18-FDG)
4.6 2.2 years
  1. The effective doses provided do not account for individual factors such as a patient’s sex, age or constitution. The dose uncertainty may exceed a factor of 5. Average natural radiation exposure in Germany: 2.1 mSv per year