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Table 2 Tissues and weighting factors proposed by the ICRP to estimate effective doses [5]

From: Dosimetric quantities and effective dose in medical imaging: a summary for medical doctors

Tissue wT ∑ wT
Bone-marrow (red), Colon, Lung, Stomach, Breast, Remainder Tissues*
(Nominal wT applied to the average dose to 14 tissues)
0.12 0.72
Gonads 0.08 0.08
Bladder, Oesophagus, Liver, Thyroid 0.04 0.16
Bone surface, Brain, Salivary glands, Skin 0.01 0.04
  1. *Remainder Tissues (14 in total): Adrenals, Extrathoracic (ET) region, Gall bladder, Heart, Kidneys, Lymphatic nodes, Muscle, Oral mucosa, Pancreas, Prostate, Small intestine, Spleen, Thymus, Uterus/cervix