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Table 2 Risk factors and other worth mentioning features of uveal melanoma

From: Diagnostic methods and therapeutic options of uveal melanoma with emphasis on MR imaging—Part I: MR imaging with pathologic correlation and technical considerations

Parameter Distribution
Congenital risk factors Light eye color, fair skin color, inability to tan and propensity to sunburn, oculodermal melanocytosis, cutaneous, iris and choroidal nevus, ancestry from northern latitudes
Main environmental risk factors Welding, occupational cooking, sunlight exposure
Overall mortality rate 40–50% in 15 years
Metastases rate 50% of patients
Survival rate (month)  
 With liver metastases 4–6
 Other metastases 19–28
Metastatic location (%)  
 Liver 89
 Lung 29
 Bone 17
 Skin and subcutaneous tissue 12
 Lymph nodes 11
 Central nervous system 2
Predictive factors for metastatic disease Basal tumor diameter, ciliary body involvement, extrascleral extension, epithelioid melanoma cytology, microvascular density