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Table 1 Targeted networks with the regions that comprise them. Also shown the coordinates of these regions

From: Investigating the sub-regions of the superior parietal cortex using functional magnetic resonance imaging connectivity

Network Regions
Default mode MPFC (1,55,−3)
  LP (L) (−39,−77,33)
  LP (R) (47,−67,29)
  PCC (1,−61,38)
Sensorimotor Lateral (L) (−55,−12,29)
  Lateral (R) (56,−10,29)
  Superior (0,−31,67)
Visual Medial (2,−79,12)
  Occipital (0,−93,−4)
  Lateral (L) (−37,−79,10)
  Lateral (R) (38,−72,13)
Salience ACC (0,22,35)
  Insula (L) (−44,13,1)
  Insula (R) (47,14,0)
  RPFC (L) (−32,45,27)
  RPFC (R) (32,46,27)
  SMG (L) (−60,−39,31)
  SMG (R) (62,−35,32)
Dorsal Attention FEF (L) (−27,−9,64)
  FEF (R) (30,−6,64)
  IPS (L) (−39,−43,52)
  IPS (R) (39,−42,54)
Fronto-Parietal LPFC (L) (−43,33,28)
  PPC (L) (−46,−58,49)
  LPFC (R) (41,38,30)
  PPC (R) (52,−52,45)
Language IFG (L) (−51,26,2)
  IFG (R) (54,28,1)
  pSTG (L) (−57,−47,15)
  pSTG (R) (59,−42,13)
Cerebellar Anterior (0,−63,−30)
  Posterior (0,−79,−32)
  1. Abbreviation: MPFC: medial prefrontal cortex; LP: lateral parietal; PCC: posterior cingulate cortex; ACC: anterior cingulate cortex; RPFC: rostrolateral prefrontal cortex; SMG: supramarginal gyrus; FEF: frontal eye fields; IPS: intraparietal sulcus; LPFC: lateral prefrontal cortex; PPC: posterior parietal cortex; LPFC: lateral prefrontal cortex; IFG: inferior frontal gyrus; pSTG: posterior superior temporal gyrus