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Table 1 Radiologic signs of ABI

From: Many faces of acute bowel ischemia: overview of radiologic staging

General signs Stage
Early Intermediate Late
Mucosal hyperenhancement   
Target or Halo appearance   
Hyperattenuating wall (white pattern)  
Mural hypoenhancement (grey pattern)  
Thickened bowel wall  
Paper thin wall   
Gas pattern   
Etiology-specific signs Etiology
Emboli Thrombosis Venous NOMI Strangulation
Calcification of mesenteric arteries      
Completely fluid filled gasless dilated loop      
Smaller SMA and SMV diameter      
String of sausage sign (in angiography)      
Contrast reflux (in angiography)      
Right colon involvement
Beak sign     
Fat notch sign