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Table 3 Summary of common periprostatic lesions and characteristic MR findings

From: Incidental findings in and around the prostate on prostate MRI: a pictorial review

Periprostatic lesion MR findings
Prostatic utricle cyst High T2, low T1, always in the midline, communicate with urethra
Mullerian duct cyst High T2, low T1, usually extend above the prostate, no communication with urethra
Cowper’s duct cyst High T2, low T1, at penile base adjacent to ventral bulbous urethra
Periprostatic haematoma post-biopsy High T1 and high T2 signal, high T1 signal helps differentiate tumour from post-biopsy haemorrhage, may show a fluid–fluid level
Seminal vesicle cyst High T2, low T1, may show high T1 signal if associated with haemorrhage
Prostatic retention cyst High T2, low T1, smooth-walled unilocular cysts, may occur in any glandular zone of the prostate