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Table 1 Commonly seen incidental findings on prostate MRI classified by systems

From: Incidental findings in and around the prostate on prostate MRI: a pictorial review

Space Benign Malignant
Prostate and periprostatic region Seminal vesicle stones, prostate calcifications, utricle cyst*, Mullerian duct cyst*, Cowper’s gland duct cyst, periprostatic haematoma, prostate abscess, periprostatic dermoid
*May rarely develop malignant degeneration
Prostate cancer with extraprostatic extension, undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma (UPS) of the spermatic cord, spermatic cord lymphoma
Musculoskeletal Tumour: intramuscular lipoma, periprostatic leiomyoma and solitary fibrous tumour
Non-tumour: degenerative disc disease, avascular necrosis, trochanteric bursitis, tendon ruptures
Skeletal metastasis, soft tissue sarcoma (liposarcoma, leiomyosarcoma, UPS), parachordoma
Urinary Bladder diverticula, bladder calculi Urothelial carcinoma
Colorectal Polyps, haemorrhoids, diverticulitis, inguinal hernia, ascites*
*May be due to benign or more sinister cause
Rectal adenocarcinoma, rectal villous adenoma, rectal GIST
Neurovascular Periprostatic venous varix, aneurysms Nerve sheath tumours, Lymphadenopathy*
*may be reactive, infective/ inflammatory or malignant
  1. *Indicates that those two conditions of utricle cyst and mullerian duct cyst may rarely develop malignant degeneration