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Table 6 Characteristics of ML-based predictive model of HCC patients after treatment of sorafenib

From: Current updates in machine learning in the prediction of therapeutic outcome of hepatocellular carcinoma: what should we know?

Author Study type No. of patients Model Outcomes C-index Conclusion
Choi [22], 2017 Retrospective Single center 480 LR TTP and OS D: 0.669 (TTP)
0.809 (OS)
V: 0.746 (TTP)
0.875 (OS)
The prognostic factors selected by RF algorithm were used to develop an excellent predictive model by LR approach for the prediction of therapeutic outcome after sorafenib
  1. ML machine learning, HCC hepatocellular carcinoma, LR logistic regression, TTP time to progression, OS overall survival, D development cohort, V validation cohort, RF random forest