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Table 2 Radiological features of pathologies in differential diagnosis with COVID-19 pneumonia

From: Differential diagnoses of COVID-19 pneumonia: the current challenge for the radiologist—a pictorial essay

Pathologies Ground glass Crazy paving Consolidations
Infective pneumonia Bacterial R (ATYPICAL) OD/A C (TYPICAL)
Viral C OD/A R
Fungal: pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia C R R
Fungal: angioinvasive aspergillosis (HALO) OD/A C
Cardiovascular Acute pulmonary oedema C (INTERSTITIAL) C (INTERSTITIAL) C (ALVEOLAR)
  Acute pulmonary embolism and infarctions C C C
Hypersensitivity pneumonia   C OD/A R
Eosinophilic pneumonia Simple pulmonary eosinophilia C OD/A C
  Acute eosinophilic pneumonia C C R
  Chronic eosinophilic pneumonia R R C
Aspiration pneumonia Fluid-related ab ingestis pneumonia C OD/A C
  Chronic lipoid pneumonia C C C
Alveolar proteinosis   OD/A C R
  1. Analysed pathologies usually share at least one radiological feature, among ground-glass areas, crazy paving opacities and consolidations, with COVID-19 pneumonia. These findings may be either common or rare presentation of pathologies or be occasionally described/absent. The timing of these features presentation frequently varies with respect to COVID-19 pneumonia characteristic phases
  2. C, common; R, rare; OD/A, occasionally described/absent