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Table 4 Tips & Tricks editions published in 2019-2020

From: ESR EuroSafe Imaging and its role in promoting radiation protection – 6 years of success

CT Tips & Tricks IR Tips & Tricks Paediatric Tips & Tricks
Iterative reconstruction algorithms Checklist modification Safety and dose aspects of prenatal medical irradiation
Automated tube voltage Medical Simulators for Training in Dose Management and Radiation Protection Special aspects when using dose quantities in paediatric radiology
To shield or not to shield? Hand protection for interventionalists Interacting with children during radiographic procedures
Ultra-low dose emergency chest CT Eye protection for interventionalists Referral guidelines for diagnostic imaging in children: ESR iGuide
Dose saving options in maxillofacial trauma Eye Dose Limits Achieving Regulatory Compliance in Interventional Radiology Dose-saving technologies in paediatric radiology
First aid kit for complying with the radiation protection requirements in a CT ward How to reduce the dose in Paediatric Interventional Radiology Producing information on diagnostic imaging examinations for children, young people, and families
Breast Bismuth Shields: Should be used? Pregnant workers in interventional radiology Adaptation of protocol parameters to paediatric patients