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Table 1 EUCLID project key points

From: ESR EuroSafe Imaging and its role in promoting radiation protection – 6 years of success

EUCLID project key points:
Project started in 2017 with the goal of providing up-to-date clinical DRLs for the most important, from a radiological perspective, x-ray imaging tasks in Europe
A list of 10 clinical indications for CT and 4 clinical indications for IR was agreed with the EC and a group of 19 hospitals from 14 countries around Europe was established to gather data
Results to be published as part of the EC’s Radiation Protection Series in the near future
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- Diagnostic Reference Levels based on clinical indications in computed tomography: a literature review [7]
-  Radiation dose and diagnostic reference levels for four interventional radiology procedures: results of the prospective European multicentre survey EUCLID (submitted to European Radiology)