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Table 4 Tukey’s test (or the nonparametric Dunn’s test *) p values for the DTI metrics comparison between each pair of regions: proximal sphincter (PROX) vs. distal sphincter (DIST); proximal sphincter (PROX) vs. membranous urethra (MU); distal sphincter (DIST) vs. membranous urethra (MU). Statistically significant results are highlighted in bold

From: Diffusion tensor-based fiber tracking of the male urethral sphincter complex in patients undergoing radical prostatectomy: a feasibility study

Structure pairs FA AD MD RD Tract density Tract length
PROX-DIST 4.06e-6* 9.91e-1* 5.80e-2* 1.21e-2* 7.16e-6* 1.18e-4*
PROX−MU 1.35e-3 2.11e-4* 1.60e-2* 4.80e-l* 5.12e-3* 4.32e-16*
DIST-MU 1.31e-1* 2.11e-4* 2.60e-5* 4.51e-2* 4.97e-13* 1.55e-5*