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Table 1 Checklist titles and subtitles

From: How to perform an excellent radiology board examination: a web-based checklist

1. Management of the entire procedure: general principles
2. Before exam/preparation of the exam
 a. Establishment of examination committee
 b. Identification of eligibility criteria for the candidates
 c. Application procedures
 d. Exam date, location, staff and materials
 e. Blueprint
 f. Question writing and collecting process
 g. OSCE*-type stations (preparation, set up, etc.) (optional)
 h. Oral examination (optional)
 i. Preparation of Simulated/Standardized Patients (SP)/Cases (optional)
 j. Audit of questions
 k. Question booklets/Display
 l. Scoring
 m. Setting the pass mark
 n. Informing about the exam
 o. Preparation support for the candidates
3. Implementing the exam
 a. Before starting
 b. During the examination
 c. At the end of the examination
4. After the exam
 a. Wrap up
 b. Right of objection
 c. Reading and marking procedure
 d. Test/item analyses
 e. Declaration of the results
 f. Appeal process
 g. Evaluation of the results
 h. Quality development
  1. *OSCE Objective structured clinical examination