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Table 2 Modified scoring system for classification of both MR and ultrasound radiological findings, in cases of suspected acute appendicitis. Values range from 1 to 4; score of 1 indicates no appendicitis, score of 4 indicates appendicitis

From: Fast acquisition abdominal MRI study for the investigation of suspected acute appendicitis in paediatric patients

U1/M1Normal appendix visualised fully; no appendicitis
U2/M2Equivocal but leaning towards no appendicitis (i.e. no appendix seen, with no secondary signs of appendicitis OR appendix seen and indeterminate features but not thought to be appendicitis OR appendix partially seen and thought to be normal)
U3/M3Equivocal but leaning towards appendicitis (i.e. no appendix seen, but suggestive secondary signs of appendicitis such as echogenic or hyperaemic fat on ultrasound or mesenteric fat changes on MR OR appendix seen with indeterminate features suggesting appendicitis)
U4/M4Abnormal appendix visualised; appendicitis
  1. U ultrasound score, M MRI score