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Table 1 Imaging protocol parameters for MRI of suspected acute appendicitis

From: Fast acquisition abdominal MRI study for the investigation of suspected acute appendicitis in paediatric patients

Parameter2D SSFSE with fat suppression2D SSFSE without fat suppression2D DWI with fat suppression
TR (ms)1388–17011120–17201190–17061373–17064000/7500
TE (ms)88.06–102.887.12–92.4588.06–92.4287.12–92.4568.9–71.2
FOV (cm)
Matrix384 × 160325 × 256352 × 256352 × 25696 × 28
Bandwidth (kHz)83.3383.3383.3383.33250
Slice thickness (mm)
Slice spacing (mm)
No. of signal averages11111