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Table 4 Specifications of reproducibility-related characteristics of included publications

From: An analysis of key indicators of reproducibility in radiology

Characteristic specificationsN (%)    
Data available (n= 11)Data retrievalSupplementary information hosted by the journal10 (90.9)    
Online third party1 (9.1)    
Upon request from authors0 (0.0)    
Data accessibilityYes, data could be accessed and downloaded9 (81.8)    
No, data count not be accessed and downloaded2 (18.2)    
Data documentation§Yes, data files were clearly documented8 (88.9)    
No, data count not be accessed and downloaded1 (11.1)    
Raw data availability§No, data files do not contain all raw data6 (66.7)    
Unclear if all raw data were available2 (22.2)    
Yes, data files contain all raw data1 (11.1)    
Materials available (n= 23)Materials retrievalSupplementary information hosted by the journal15 (65.2)    
Online third party4 (17.4)    
In the paper4 (17.4)    
Materials accessibilityYes, materials could be accessed and downloaded18 (78.3)    
No, materials not be accessed and downloaded5 (21.7)    
Protocol available (n= 4)Protocol contentsMethods4 (100.0)    
Analysis plan0 (0.0)    
Hypothesis0 (0.0)    
Pre-registration available (n= 7)RegistryClinicalTrials.gov6 (85.7)    
Brazilian Registry of Clinical Trials1 (14.3)    
Pre-registration accessibilityYes, pre-registration could be accessed6 (85.7)    
No, pre-registration could not be accessed1 (14.3)    
Pre-registration contentsMethods6 (100.0)    
Hypothesis2 (33.3)    
Analysis Plan0 (0.0)    
  1. §Data specifications for documentation and raw data availability are provided if data was made accessible
  2. Pre-registration specifications for contents are provided if pre-registration was made accessible