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Table 1 STARD criteria for abstracts (adapted from Cohen et al. [13])

From: Artificial intelligence abstracts from the European Congress of Radiology: analysis of topics and compliance with the STARD for abstracts checklist

Study of diagnostic accuracyStudy uses at least one measure of diagnostic accuracy (e.g., sensitivity, specificity, predictive values, or AUC)
Study objectivesObjectives of the study are clearly stated
Data collectionProvides information on whether the study was prospective or retrospective
Eligibility criteriaEligibility criteria for participants and settings where the data were collected
Type of seriesConsecutive, random, or convenience series
Index/reference standardIndex test and reference standard
Number of participantsNumber of participants with and without target condition
Estimates of accuracyEstimates of diagnostic accuracy and their precision (CI)
General interpretationGeneral interpretation of results
Implication for practiceImplications for practice
Registration number*Registration number and name of registry
  1. *Registration number was not coded for in the current investigation