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Table 1 Provenance of included guidelines

From: Enhancing clinician and patient understanding of radiology reports: a scoping review of international guidelines

 Author creditedWho wrote the guidelines?How did they decide what to include?Non-radiologists/other stakeholders included?
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of RadiologistsCopyright—CollegeQuality Radiology Written Reports Working Group (members named)
Safety, Quality and Standards Committee and the Faculty of Clinical Radiology Council (not named)
Development described in background, ‘based on a literature review’Yes—in survey and original group
Royal College of Radiologists (United Kingdom)Copyright—College
Principal author named in forward
Clinical Radiology Professional Support and standards Board
Clinical Radiology Faculty Board
Medical Director Professional Practice Clinical Radiology (journal)
Not all members named
UnclearNil evidence
American College of Radiology (USA)ACRReviewing committee, Practice Parameters committee, Comments reconciliation committee (members named)ACR guidelines on developing practice parameters—process clearly stated on websiteNot clearly stated
However, the Committee on practice parameters (general, small and rural practice) was consulted and includes multiple non-radiologists.
Nil evidence of consumer inclusion
Canadian Association of RadiologistsCollege, also acknowledges ACR guidelinesFour authors namedBased on ACR guidelines, otherwise unclearNil evidence
European Society of RadiologyESRESR subcommittee on Audit and standards (members named) and approved by executive councilUnclearNil evidence
Hong Kong College of RadiologistsNone.
Acknowledges RCR 2012 guidelines and ESR guidelines
UnclearUnclearNil evidence