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Table 1 Response criteria by inverse Choi density/size

From: Giant cell tumor of bone following denosumab treatment: assessment of tumor response using various imaging modalities

Complete responseDisappearance of the disease
Partial responseA decrease in size (%Δ Choi SLD) ≥ 10% or an increase in CT density > 15% compared with baseline, no new lesions, and no obvious progression of non-measurable disease
Stable diseaseDoes not meet the criteria for CR, PR, or PD
Progressive diseaseAn increase in unidimensional tumor size (Choi SLD) ≥ 10% and does not meet the criteria for PR using CT density; any new lesions identified by CT/MRI; new intratumoral nodules or increase in the size of existing intratumoral nodules
UnevaluableThe CT/MRI exam is unavailable or deemed UE; if a target lesion is deemed UE by density and size measurement and the rules for PD do not apply, a response of CR, PR, or SD cannot be assigned for the time point and the response will be UE
  1. PR partial response, SLD sum of longest diameter, SD stable disease, PD progressive disease, UE unevaluable