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Fig. 8

From: Gyriform restricted diffusion in adults: looking beyond thrombo-occlusions

Fig. 8

Pre- and post-contrast enhanced MRI of the brain in a 36-year-old male patient with HSVE. GRD is noted in the right temporal lobe (arrow) on axial DWI (a) and ADC image (b). Also note DWI hyperintensity in the right insula and cingulate gyrus (a, b). Coronal FLAIR image (c) reveals hyperintense signal and cortical swelling in the right inferior frontal and mesiotemporal regions (arrowheads). Post-contrast axial T1W image (d) shows smooth leptomeningeal enhancement over the right temporal cortices (dashed arrow). Post-treatment follow-up MRI shows significant resolution of previously seen GRD and cortical swelling on axial DWI (e) and ADC image (f)

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